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Candy Review: Camille Bloch Mousse Chocolat Noir

Every year on my birthday, my parents would take me out for a special dinner. I used to love getting all dressed up and heading out to what I considered to be a fancy restaurant; the kind of restaurant that required reservations, served Shirley Temples in sparkling crystal glasses, and had beautiful chandeliers hanging from […]

Candy Review: Junior Mints Deluxe

To all who know me, it’s no secret that I can eat my weight in Junior Mints, so when I first heard about Junior Mints Deluxe, I checked the mail impatiently every day until my samples arrived. When they did, I was a little sad to see that the Florida sun had taken a toll […]

Candy Review: Chris and Larry’s Chocolate Fudge Clodhoppers

Back in 1996, a new candy appeared on the scene here in Canada. They were created by two guys from Winnipeg, Chris Emery and Larry Finnson, who decided to try marketing their Grandma’s candy recipe. They were an overnight sensation, and today they’re found on store shelves everywhere next to the big boys like Werthers’ […]

Vote for Jelly Belly’s Next New Flavor!

Have you always dreamed of running your own candy company, making all the decisions, guiding the fate of flavors? Well, you still can’t do all that, but you can have a say in the choice of the newest Jelly Belly Jellybean flavor. Out of over 200,000 flavor suggestions, five have been chosen to vie for […]

Candy Recipe: Lost In The Woods Bar

Have you ever taken a bite out of a candy bar and thought “This is so wrong!” Do you feel that your love for all things candy is not adequately represented in any product on the market? Is there just a brilliant candy bar buried in your mind that your just waiting to see materialize […]