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Candy Review: Kai’s Campaign ’08 Candies

In our continuing coverage of the ’08 election (hey, everyone else is covering it, why shouldn’t we?), today we bring you Kai’s Campaign ’08 Candies. Kai’s makes traditional handmade Japanese rolled candy (kumi ame) in various cute and fun designs. For this election season, they’re offering both Lick Obama and Lick McCain candy sets. I […]

Gum Review: Stride Always Mandarin

All right, just finished lunch – a little Mexican (food, not person) – and I could use a little oral refreshing, if you know what I mean. I’m salivating for my all-time favorite and everyday afternoon go-to, Orbit Citrusmint gum. I’ll admit, I was skeptical of this flavor combo at first, fearing it might go […]

Retro Candy Flashback: Boston Baked Beans

I was promenading the candy aisle at Ralph’s. You know, the one with those bulk candy tubs proclaiming No Sampling!, but it’s un-American not to try some. Having “sampled” this or that from about every tub, the one candy I hadn’t tried was Boston Baked Beans. All I remember about them as a kid was […]

Candy Review: Pomegranate Tootsie Pop

I’m fairly certain that I have a condition known as Tootsie Pop Amnesia, where I can go for years forgetting how much I love the chocolaty chew of a Tootsie Pop before someone hands me one at random and all of my happy Tootsie memories come flooding on back. In college, I ate about 9,009,209 […]

Candy Review: White Chocolate Passionfruit & Roasted Almond Rocky Road

Rocky road is one of those candies whose parts I love individually. Marshmallows, chocolate, a jelly of some kind, nuts… these elements on their own are delicious. Put them together and voila! instant candy (or ice cream) hit. Rocky road, to me, is a bit like pizza… even when it’s bad, it’s good! Holding this […]