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Candy Review: Taffy Town Taffy

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Taffy Town Taffy

The people at Taffy Town have been making these candies for 89 years, so it stands to reason they would have gotten it right by now. A bag of assorted flavors of Taffy Town Taffy arrived at my doorstep, so I had a nice selection of them to try. I was struck by the sheer array of flavors they offer – everything from the traditional peppermint to the more en vogue flavors like chocolate chip cookie and raspberry lemonade.

These taffy has a beautiful homemade look about it, with each piece individually wrapped in a small square of waxed paper. The colors are bright and the variations in terms of stripes, swirls and dots make these as nice to look at as they are to eat. A perusal of the website showed loads more taffy innovation – flavors like pomegranate and strawberry cheesecake, sugar free versions, versions with images in them (flowers, etc). Who knew that taffy was such a serious business?

Taffy Town caramel swirlThe texture of these was delicious – stretchy enough to be nice to chew on without breaking your molars, yet firm enough to be edible only by those who have teeth. Once you’ve chewed them a while, they become even softer, and the flavor becomes more apparent. When you open the taffy there isn’t much in the way of smell, but the flavors are very distinct. I loved the root beer float and caramel swirls, while the grape and chocolate caramel mocha were big hits with the family. The flavor card guide was really helpful, too – we could easily identify flavors by sight and it was quite a fun process to figure out which one you got!

Taffy is not something one finds a lot of here in the Southern Hemisphere – it’s a decidedly North American treat – so I especially loved getting to try these. Delicious, fun to eat, innovative flavors and ideas – this is what candy at its best should be.

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5 Responses to “Candy Review: Taffy Town Taffy”

  1. 1
    Casey says:

    This is really good taffy with unique and potent flavors. I just discovered this brand over the weekend in Idaho and have been looking around for it since I got back home!

  2. 2
    Joe M says:

    The review is right on. For multiple years I ordered direct. It is available in select stores as a store brand, but waxed paper still has Taffy Town on it. The taffy is always fresh. Not to name namesbut…. Fleet Farm, Walmart seasonal candy isle.

  3. 3
    Hayley says:

    Wow, these look absoloutly delicious! It’s such a shame they do not sell in the UK, as with many American candies. I would love to try these unique flavours some day… the only things we get over in England are boring toffees! (As much as I like toffee and fudge, the falvour never changes unless you are on holiday near the coast)

  4. 4
    Anthony says:

    Great review. I found a shop in Sacramento, CA, USA, that sells these retail. It’s in downtown Sacramento in the historic area called “Old Sacramento”. I bought a bucket of these home and only found out that the taffies they sell aren’t made there. So I googled “Taffy Town”, which was printed on the wax paper wrapping, and found this site. Great taffy if you can sample some.

  5. 5
    Trish says:

    I got a pound of these at the ft worth stockyards in ft worth tx!! I CAN’T stop eating them!!! They are SO chewy and delicious! Some were ACCIDENTALLY left in my pants that went through the wash and they were still perfectly in tact even after the dryer!!! Amazing quality and all flavors I tried were DELICIOUS!!

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