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Gum Review: Glee Gum Peppermint

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Glee Gum

Glee Gum is “all natural gum made with rainforest chicle.” Chicle, I learned, is the original “gum” part of chewing gum, no longer used by large-scale commercial gum makers because – you guessed it – a cheaper synthetic substitute was developed. Glee Gum’s site has an excellent FAQ with lots of information about chicle and its benefits to gum chewers, workers, and rain forests, but how’s the gum taste?

The nifty retro-styled, business-card-sized box contains eighteen pieces of gum about the size of Chiclets. (Hmmm, interesting name… Chief Candy Addict Brian noted this a few years back in a history of chewing gum). Glee Gum peppermint has a nice minty flavor on the first bite, and the gum texture is exactly what you’d expect: kinda rubbery, like any other gum. I like the peppermint flavor of this gum because it actually reminds me of the plant, but this gum loses its flavor fast. Nearly all taste is gone in under three minutes. Good thing there’s seventeen more pieces.

I don’t know about provoking any glee, but this gum is nice if you want a fresh-tasting natural gum without a bunch of artificial gunk in the way of the flavor, or in your body. Glee Gum also comes in Spearmint, Tangerine, Cinnamon, Triple Berry and Bubblegum, and the company is open to your new flavor suggestions on their site.

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