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Candy Review: Borrachitos Tequila Nuggets – Gourmet Caramel Candies

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Tequila Caramels Box

When we were first offered these review samples of Tequila Caramels, nobody on the staff wanted to try them. Tequila and caramel just doesn’t sound very appetizing. Since I enjoy a good margarita and have been known to do a tequila shot or two from time to time, I figured I’d give them a go. The Borrachitos have been made in Mexico since 1946 and have only recently been introduced to the U.S. through Crown Candies.

In my review package I got the Tequila Nuggets and also a pack of Licor De Cafe Nuggets. Each pack contains 24 caramels about the size and shape of penne pasta. They are golden caramel coated in sugar crystals and each has a small bit of white marshmallowy stuff inside. They look very homemade (the box does say “Hand Crafted”) and very tasty.

Tequila Caramels

Unfortunately, that’s where the tastiness ends – there is a very strong alcohol taste (they contain 4% alcohol by volume) and some other odd taste I can’t quite place. It’s like taking a shot of tequila with a caramel chaser. Though this might sound good to some people, it wasn’t for me. Figuring the Licor De Cafe Nuggets would be better since coffee and caramel sounds like a much better combination, I gave those a try. The Cafe De Licor Nuggets are a bit darker than the Tequila Nuggets and again, they have a very strong alcohol taste and that same odd taste I don’t recognize (or like).

I really just can’t recommend these candies. Maybe these do taste good to someone, but for me they were just plain bad. This is one of the few candies I’ll be dropping in the trash after the review because I know I won’t be eating any more of them.

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3 Responses to “Candy Review: Borrachitos Tequila Nuggets – Gourmet Caramel Candies”

  1. 1
    Robert B. says:

    I’ll still put these on my “I’ll try any candy once” list because they sound like a new taste experience… If I ever run across them in a store.

  2. 2
    Paty says:

    I’m sad that you couldnt taste the real borrachitos, and even more, that your first approach to those candies was a bad experience. Ive lived in mexico all my life and it was a delight to take a borrachito from the box in a store and have a little and cheap pleasure when I was a kid. Not all the borachitos are made of tequila, and they are not filled with anything, its just a soft candy jelly-like, with a liquor flavor, that melts in your mouth. If you have the chance to come to mexico, you should give them a second chance. Most of the mexican stuff selled in US are not real mexican, and were modified in some way by mexican-american people.

  3. 3
    Clint says:

    A friend used to bring me Borrachitos from Mexico City. They were red in color, same shape and texture above but no “marsh mellow” filling. Just a very moist chewy candy, very sweet and yes you could taste the Tequila. Was sooo good.

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