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Candy Review: Wonka Tinglerz

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My absolute favorite candy from this year’s All Candy Expo has to be the new Wonka Tinglerz, malted pieces of crisped rice covered in Nestle’s milk chocolate and pumped with a carbon dioxide blast to give them some serious popping power. Tinglerz won’t be hitting stores until September, but I was lucky enough to score a pack at the Expo – in prototype packaging, no less. The real packaging hasn’t been unveiled yet, but we’ll be sure to bring you a picture as soon as we can.

You could easily classify Wonka Tinglerz as a sort of wacky cousin to Nestle’s Buncha Crunch, as both candies are alike in taste and appearance, with one notable exception. While the Tinglerz retain the pellet-like shape and the crispy, milk chocolate taste of Buncha Crunch, the Tinglerz offer an experience that Buncha Crunch can’t match: a popping, fizzing sensation that hits the mouth as the chocolatey bits dissolve.

The popping sensation (and the accompanying sound it makes) is quite similar to what one experiences when eating Pop Rocks, though the popping and fizzing that accompanies that Tinglerz isn’t as harsh. I’ve had a few slightly painful experiences eating Pop Rocks; the Tinglerz, by comparison, provide a much more pleasant type of pop and fizz.

Even without the fizz factor, Tinglerz are a joy to eat. The chocolate is smooth and delicious, and each pellet has a crunchy, slightly vanilla flavor that peeks through, providing a nice contrast. At times, the Tinglerz will stick together to create a giant Tingler cluster, which is a blast to eat, as the giant piece breaks apart as you chew, creating a super chocolaty mega-fizz.

Wonka could not have executed this candy any better: it’s both delicious and a whole lot of fun, which is everything candy should be. For that reason, I am proud to present Wonka Tinglerz with The Candy Addict Awesomely Addictive Candy Award.

Wonka Tinglerz are now one of my all-time favorites, and I can’t wait to get my hands on another pack. Is it September yet???

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7 Responses to “Candy Review: Wonka Tinglerz”

  1. 1
    laura says:

    so is this basically like the chocolate pop rocks bar?

  2. 2
    Brian says:

    @Laura – yes, very similar, only the Tinglerz are little pieces, not a big bar.


  3. 3
    Amber says:

    I would love to see a picture of the candy itself!

  4. 4
    Ikay says:

    Aha reminds me of those special edition chocolate crunch bars I found in my lunchables when I was a kid. =]

  5. 5
    John Edwards says:

    I just got myself a box of this Wonka Tinglers and I love them if you haven’t tryed it yet then you should.

  6. 6
    amypaige says:

    I just tried these, and these don’t hold a candle to the Pop Rocks Bar. I prefer the chocolate and quantity of pop rocks in the bar. These Tinglerz just aren’t as satisfying.

  7. 7
    Kim says:

    Wonka Tinglerz are great – i tried them in Hawaii in October 2008 and was hooked. Kind of like yummy,chocolate covered cocoa krispies that explode in your mouth. I brought many bags back to Alaska and sent them to my friends. Tinglerz= a keeper! Low in calories and fat too!

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