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Candy Review: Christopher’s Big Cherry

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Christopher’s Big Cherry

Yes, Christopher’s Big Cherry does have a whole cherry center as advertised, but if you thought this jaunty pink package contained a delicious candy treat, you’d be sadly mistaken. This is the worst candy I’ve had in quite a while.

Open the wrapper and you find an odd lump of a thing – an uneven chocolate surface, littered with small peanut shards. Not very appealing. But it gets worse. Much worse.

Appearances can deceive, of course, and I was ready for the Big Cherry to redeem itself. I really enjoy cherries with chocolate, so it takes some doing to disappoint me in this flavor galaxy. But if this were an astronomical body, it’d be a dead star. This candy is horrible. I threw it away as soon as I’d tasted enough to write this review.

Let’s start with the chocolate. It can only wish it were as good as tasteless mockolate. The cocoa only seems to make the coating brown, because its so-called flavor gave me wax-induced ennui and a bitter aftertaste. Terrible. The peanut crumbs don’t add any value, either. Nothing could save this coating, actually, but peanuts add to Big Cherry’s problems because they don’t really mix well with the cherry flavor.

As for the grossly artificial-tasting pink center, it’s grainy and has a vague chemical aroma. I can’t even call the flavor “cherry,” so I’ll just call it “pink.” It’s disgusting, and ridiculously sweet. Finally, we come to the whole cherry center. Yeah, there’s a cherry in there, but even the cherry has been messed up. It’s basically a cocktail cherry, which means it’s like a normal cherry in the same way that Las Vegas is like a normal city. Let’s just say it’s a bit short of ideal.

If you follow the wrapper’s web address you get the manufacturer’s site, Adams & Brooks. And you know what? They don’t even list the Big Cherry as one of their products. I wouldn’t either. Only a cherry pit would have rounded out this candy disaster with a nice choking sensation.

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3 Responses to “Candy Review: Christopher’s Big Cherry”

  1. 1
    Sea Hag says:

    I just bought one of these to eat later this month for Candy Ramadan. It can’t be any worse than the red bean candy I had last week… I hope.

  2. 2
    Red Cat says:

    This is the greatest candy bar. I ate them as a child and my growen children love them. I can’t believe someone thinks they are a disaster. I just wish they were easier to find!

  3. 3
    Charemaine says:

    If you live in Foster City, you can pick theese up at the mini-mart, near India Cash and carry (Where my mother buys fresh peanuts)

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