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Candy Review: Endangered Species Chocolate

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Endangered Species Wrapped Chocolates
Whilst on a run-of-the-mill Target trip today, I came across an exciting assortment of Endangered Species Chocolates: dark chocolate with delicious, antioxidant packed flavors and a generous spirit (10% of their net profits are donated to “support species, habitat and humanity”). What’s not to like, right? Plus, they were all natural, ethically traded, on sale, and had pictures of cute animals all over the packaging. How could I not grab every variety available and be inspired in a third grade, let’s-describe-ourselves-using-words-that-begin-with-each-letter-in-our-name kind of way? (Hey, chocolate does that to me sometimes.)

Endangered Species Supreme and Extreme Box


Seventy-two percent cocoa
Underwhelming “snap”
Perfectly smooth texture
Rich chocolate aroma
Earthy flavor
Melts like silk
Excellent dark chocolate


Eighty-eight percent cocoa
eXactly the same color as the other squares
Tragically pathetic “snap”
Really close to bitter
Even for this dark chocolate lover
Mouthfeel is smooth but thick

Endagered Species Chocolate Mint Box


Minty aroma
I like the flavor balance
Nothing extraordinary, but good
Tastes like wedding mints, but without all the extra junk

Endagered Species Box Blueberry and Raspberry


Bumpy on the bottom
Looks like four tiny blueberries
Unevenly distributed chocolate makes a slanted square
Enjoyable first bite
Blueberries have odd texture
Even for dried fruit
Ran out of blueberries on the second bite
Rest of the chocolate is plain
I want more berries
Every bite should have some


Ruby red dots on the inside
A lot more berries in this one
Smells fruity (and chocolatey!)
Prettiest one by far
Because of the bright red
Even distribution would be better, though
Raspberries give small punch of flavor
Rather than permeate the whole bar
I still wish there were more raspberries
Even though I got seeds in my teeth
Seconds, please


Can’t smell any fruit
Red packaging is nice, though
Almonds speck the inside
No sign of cranberries
But a nice, crunchy texture
Examined bar for berries
Really didn’t find any
Reminds me of any chocolate/almond bar
Ingredients list “infused cranberries”
Exotic invisible ones, maybe
So not what I’d hoped for

Just a note that all of the flavored varieties used the delicious Supreme Dark Chocolate as their base, so they were all good (very good) from a chocolate standpoint, some just perhaps fell short of their exotic fruit-tastic potential.

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3 Responses to “Candy Review: Endangered Species Chocolate”

  1. 1
    Sea Hag says:

    I found a bag of these on sale at Target and most of them are still in my candy jar, sadly uneaten. I was pretty underwhelmed by the lack of real fruit taste in the raspberry and blueberry ones.

  2. 2
    Maven from New Haven says:

    Without a doubt, the 88 cocao bar is the supreme answer for anyone with chocoholic tendencies. Lack of adulteration by milk, nuts, etc. create a confection that
    is excellent. Agreed this like any other taste becomes one

  3. 3
    Maven from New Haven says:

    My experience with this chocolate is to buy the wonderful
    88 score cocao bar. Without milkstuffs, fruits and nuts,
    it is a very palatable sensation that is satisfying in small bite-size portions. Excellent and rivals the “goomet” brands.

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