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Candy Review: Christopher’s Big Cherry

Yes, Christopher’s Big Cherry does have a whole cherry center as advertised, but if you thought this jaunty pink package contained a delicious candy treat, you’d be sadly mistaken. This is the worst candy I’ve had in quite a while. Open the wrapper and you find an odd lump of a thing – an uneven […]

Candy Review: Popsters – Covered Mini Popcorn Balls

I first ran into Popsters at this year’s All Candy Expo. As I walked by I grabbed a sample and was blown away. Popsters are mini caramel popcorn balls coated with milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or a peanut butter. The mini popcorn balls range from roughly the size of a whopper to the size of […]

Candy News Roundup for June 2008

There has been a lot of news in the world of candy in June. Here’s a quick summary of all the news with links to the press releases and a quick comment on each: Introducing Cotton Candy – With New Awesome Flavors! – Cotton candy in Hot Tamale and Mike and Ike flavors New M&M’S® […]

Candy Review: Nihilist Mints

What is this review really about, anyway? Is it even worth writing? Is it even about anything at all? I don’t believe so. For the Nihilist in your life, Archie McPhee offers their flavorless Nihilist mints, 60 pieces of nothing guaranteed to taste like emptiness and the void in your soul. The packaging is really […]

Japanese Candy Review: Nama Kokuto Ame

What’s the best part of traveling to a new place? Seeing the sights? Nope. The food? Getting closer. Trying new candy? Now you’re talking! So on my recent trip to Honolulu, I was on the hunt for candy. Not Hawaiian candy, mind you, but Asian candy. I love Asian candy – if it’s got a […]