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All Candy Expo – Wrapup – Caitlin

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Well, the All Candy Expo is officially over and I am officially beat. I can say that almost everyone there was really nice and happy to talk to us. Many of them, including the biggies like Nestle and Hershey, even read the site to keep up with consumer opinion (which means that every comment you leave might go straight to the bigwigs)!

In addition to the observations made by Brian and Jamie, I just wanted to add a few of my own. One thing I noticed a lot of was pomegranate flavoring, in everything from chocolate to Tootsie Roll Pops. In the past we’ve mentioned a few products with pomegranate, but it definitely seems like it’s suddenly a big trend for the major companies.

I also saw quite a few products geared toward the Hispanic sector, with many companies based in Mexico starting to market products in the US. Along with this are a lot of candies that include spices like chili or paprika – not my cup of tea, but I’m sure there’s a big market out there for such confections.

For the record, my “candy suitcase” came in at 45lbs, so I guess all in all it was a pretty good haul. Of course, my feet may never recover from all that standing and walking, but at least I’ll be kept well stocked with candy while I convalesce!

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7 Responses to “All Candy Expo – Wrapup – Caitlin”

  1. 1
    babs says:

    If you wish to share the candy wealth..i love to try some new things or buy them from you…

    can anyone attend the expo?

    happy sugar high:)


  2. 2
    Fattypatty says:

    Ooooh – so they are reading and tending more to the Hispanic market? I’m about as WASPy as they come, but the Caramel M&Ms they were selling several years ago in the Miami area would be a great return product (hint, hint) :)

  3. 3
    Caitlin says:

    Unfortunately, the Expo is only open to exhibitors, buyers, and press. And, disturbingly enough, I pretty much only got candy that I wanted to try or review for the site. Well, that and a few things for the kids I take care of. But still, I never expected it to be 45lbs! That’s just crazy.

  4. 4
    Sea Hag says:

    I would do many, many things for 45 pounds of candy.

  5. 5
    Terry says:

    I wish they’d bring this over to Britain, I hope you guys appreciate how lucky you are.

  6. 6
    Robert says:

    45 lbs…. *sigh*
    *double sigh*

  7. 7
    oakling says:

    so are you guys going to do any candy giveaways once you have eaten your fill? ;)

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