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Gum Review: Orbit White Bubblemint BigEPak

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Wrigley's Orbit White Bubblemint BigEPak

Gum has been many things to me during the course of my life. Satisfying my sweet tooth was the main goal of chewing gum when I was younger. In my teen years and beyond, gum started taking on a more practical function of freshening breath. I still wanted something tasty, but I gravitated more towards sugarless gum… preferably spearmint. As gum also continued to evolve, more and more brands were offering smaller pieces of sugarless gum packed with a ton of flavor in order to freshen your breath as much as possible.

The problem is that sometimes these ultra-flavored gums can be a little too strong. Biting into a piece of minty gum should not accompany a breathtaking burn for the first few moments you are chewing until the salacious shock subsides. A happy medium can be achieved and this is where Orbit White Bubblemint comes in.

Wrigley's Orbit White Bubblemint Pieces

Wrigley has been producing its Orbit line of gums since September 2001, and they have gone on to become one of the top five chewing gum brands in the United States. Orbit (named after the sugar substitute Sorbital, which it uses) delivers a “just brushed clean” feeling when chewed and has the distinction of blending a mintiness with each gum flavor even when the primary flavor is cinnamon, citrus fruit, or in this case bubblegum. More recently Wrigley spun out another line called Orbit White, a gum that not only provides a fresh feeling mouth upon chewing, but also has some whitening effects on teeth to help provide a more dazzling smile.

While most gums of this nature are prone to the initial minty burn that usually comes with a strong breath-freshener, the Bubblemint variety of Orbit White catches the perfect balance between clean feeling mouth and sweet tasty treat. The bubblegum flavor hearkens back to the type of pink penny pieces of gum you could buy at convenience stores when I was a kid. It is a pleasantly sweet flavor that lasts longer than than the gum it mimics, while also delivering a fresh cleansing sensation that washes over your palate. Add to that the whitening factor which removes over 40% of stains (according to the packaging) and I finally have a contender worthy of toppling the long-standing champion of spearmint for my gum buying buck.

Wrigley's Orbit White Bubblemint BigEPak
Orbit White gum comes in the standard twelve-piece sliding blister packets that most gum of this nature comes in today. The package I bought, however, is the BigEPak that holds 60 of the white rectangular pieces speckled with pink. The BigEPak is a nice little plastic cup with a flip-top lid as well as side dispenser for retrieving individual pieces. This package is quite a value over buying individual twelve-piece packs and it fits conveniently in a car’s cup holder for easy access while driving. So there you have it, a gum that can satisfy the sweet tooth of your inner child while also allowing your adult-self to enjoy fresher breath. The circle is complete!

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4 Responses to “Gum Review: Orbit White Bubblemint BigEPak”

  1. 1
    Brian says:

    I always wondered if keeping that in a hot car would cause them to melt or get mushy. Wouldn’t be much of a deal if you only got to chew a few before they were ruined by the heat of the car.

  2. 2
    skibs says:

    Looks tasty…I like the big pack quantities!

    Brian they have a neat little hard coating if you look at the pic again you can sort of tell from their shininess which probably makes these unmeltable. From experience I can say the peppermint kind holds up in a garage during the hottest summer months, heh.

  3. 3
    Lance says:

    No worries on the hot car effect Brian. The Orbit White variety has an almost candy-coating-like layer that prevents them from melting or sticking together quite that easily.

  4. 4
    Dorina says:

    Hy! I’m a hungarian girl. :D
    I very-very like the gum!Hmmm…my best for ever. :D

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