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Classic Candy Review: Snickers

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Snickers Bar
Although Snickers has satisfied the world for over 75 years now, it has been some years since I’ve actually bought and eaten one. I had pretty much overdosed on them during my pregnancy, when I craved Snickers every day for several months (or just used the cravings excuse as a way to justify daily chocolate eating)!

These days there are so many interesting candy bars available, the tried-and-true don’t often get chosen when I’m in the mood for a sugar fix. After eating one for the purposes of this review, I remembered why those cravings were so nice to have. Snickers is really the granddaddy of all candy bars and it’s not difficult to taste why.

Upon eating it, I was reminded why Snickers is such a popular choice – there is just something very appealing about the different textures it offers. The smooth, slightly squishy nougat, the stretchy caramel, and the crunchy peanuts, all wrapped up in a soft chocolate coating makes this bar almost irresistible.

For me the appeal is also in the combination of the sweet chocolate and the just-barely saltiness of the peanuts – I’m a fan of peanut butter and chocolate and this is it in its most basic form. Mixing nuts and chocolate is a traditional pairing loved by many, and in the Snickers you enjoy the combination without the peanuts being the overwhelming flavor.

Added enjoyment can be had from a Snickers bar if you eat it cold or even frozen. The flavors still come through nicely, and the experience is great on a hot summer day as you have more time to enjoy it before it melts. A word of caution, though – frozen Snickers can become addictive!

Snickers bars now often come in a myriad of different flavors and promotions – Snickers Rockin’ Nut Road, Snickers Charged, Snickers Nut n’ Butter Crunch and so on. While all of these permutations of Snickers are pretty nice, I’d have to say that the original one is the best one. Why? Because there is something to be said for candy at its most basic – nice flavor, great texture, delicious to eat. Why fix it if it isn’t broken in the first place?

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6 Responses to “Classic Candy Review: Snickers”

  1. 1
    GinsuVictim says:

    No comments?
    I hope they never change Snickers. It has always been my go-to candy when nothing else sounds good. It is ALWAYS good.
    I just have to stay away from the King size…

  2. 2
    Julie says:

    Gotta agree: Snickers Satisfies! Always. I know, no matter what, that I will get a totally satisfying candy experience in a Snickers bar; it’s reliable as hell that way! Shoot, even stale ones are good, in my opinion (though not TOO stale, like the one I bought in a dinky, one-horse town on a road trip on back Arizona roads last summer…oooo, that one was pretty rough). Snickers rocks and I can always count on it to make my mouth very, very happy! Oh, and yes, frozen Snickers are addictive, for sure!

  3. 3
    Amiechan says:

    I have never been a Snickers-lover – the peanuts takes over the tastes too much for my taste. But I found an almond-variety (in Vienna) that was wonderful!

  4. 4
    lindsay says:

    Snickers is a classic, especially when theres ice cream involved!

  5. 5
    ANGELA says:


  6. 6
    Jeni says:

    Yeah um I’m not really a Snickers fan, they’re too indulgent and (gluttonous!) for my taste.

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