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Candy Clothing: The Ultimate Footwear for a Candy Addict

One of the first things I do upon meeting someone new is to check out their shoes. Although this probably makes me shallow and superficial, you really can learn a lot of helpful shallow and superficial information about someone by glancing at their footwear. Obviously, I go through life assuming that people will likewise judge […]

Retro Candy Flashback: Bit-O-Honey

In my day, I was an avid trick-or-treater. Straight through high school, pillowcases served as bags; loot was measured in pounds; and Snickers, Milky Ways, and Starbursts were blissfully consumed for months. Until that inevitable dark day, that is, when I would go to my closet after school, reach deep into my dwindling stash, and […]

Candy Review: Sour Patch Kids

I am a creature of habit. There are certain things I have to have when I go certain places. At baseball games, I have to get a giant pretzel. At family parties, I have to have my sister’s chocolate chip cookies. At the shore, I have to grab a box of salt water taffy. And […]

Candy Review: Annabelle’s Rocky Road Double Dipped Bits

Like a true Candy Addict, when I hear the word “Rocky Road” my mind doesn’t jump to ice cream, but instead lands on the candy bar of the same name. Rocky Road is a classic candy made by Annabelle Candy Company, who are the same makers of my beloved Big Hunk and also Abba Zaba. […]

Candy Recipe: Chocolate Covered Caramelized Matza Crunch

(photo from Even if you are not Jewish, you must RUN to your nearest place-where-there-are-Jews and buy a box of matzah. You must then RUN home and make a giant batch of this stuff. Seriously. Trust me – it’s THAT good. When pastry chef David Lebovitz posted this recipe several months ago, I bookmarked […]