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Chocolates making sweet, sweet love

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(video by Jay and Leah)

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we present to you this 50 second stop-motion video called “Chocolate Love”. I must admit though, after watching this I felt dirty – like I watched something I wasn’t supposed to see. If you have kids, you may want to have them leave the room while you watch it.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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2 Responses to “Chocolates making sweet, sweet love”

  1. 1
    joyce says:

    Oh my! This is turning into an XXX rated candy site. First we have chocolate pasties, and then we have chocolate sex! If this did not heat up your Valentine’s Day, don’t know what could.

    Thanks for the laughs and Happy Valentines Day to all you ex-rated candy lovers!

    Its all true, Chocolate is a turn on!

  2. 2
    MakingChocolateCandy says:

    LOL! I hate to think of my chocolates like that but then again I usually eat them too fast for any of that to happen!

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