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Japanese Candy Review: Almond Dessert KitKat

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Kitkat Almond Dessert

Japan has a strong dedication to celebrating the change of seasons. They have special festivals, clothes, activities and (of course) foods depending on what time of year it is. In fact, Japan is now infamous for the number unique flavors they’ve been cranking out seasonally on the candy aisle. One of the stars of this whole front? KitKat.

So I’m really digging into my archives here with this flavor. It was originally released in the spring/summer of ’06 (and no, I didn’t have one waiting around that long for me to taste). Its flavor is based off a Chinese dessert made of cold almond pudding, hinting that warmer weather is coming.

This bar is standard KitKat fare with crispy wafers encased in white chocolate. The smell is very faint but definitely reminiscent of almond. It reminds me a bit of smelling a bottle of almond extract but nowhere near as overpowering. The taste is even fainter than the smell is, with the dominant flavor just sweetness and the almond showing up as an aftertaste. The chocolate itself feels smoother and creamier compared to the other KitKats that I’ve had.

I liked this one a lot. It’s really a delightful flavor because it’s so different yet it still fits the KitKat formula really well. I’d recommend trying it, but the fact that it’s such an outdated limited edition keeps me from doing so for your tummy’s sake.

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One Response to “Japanese Candy Review: Almond Dessert KitKat”

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    Technosquid says:

    First comment? a year later? Amazing! This is my favorite japanese kit kat flavor so far… which is strange, because it’s essentially just almond-flavored white chocolate. I’m ordering some An-nin pudding crunky bars from my source in japan. Hope they’re as good as these were.

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