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Edible Googly Eyes

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edible googly eyes

Quick, what are you doing right now? Working? Babysitting? Getting a jump on the ol’ tax return? Well, drop whatever you’ve got going on, because we’ve come across an awesome new project that needs your immediate attention: edible googly eyes!

That’s right. Everybody knows that candy is just more fun to eat when it has eyes, and eyes that are simply painted on are a major drag. No sir, there absolutely has to be a plastic bubble with movable “pupils” inside. Now, it’s no longer necessary to pick the googly eyes off your sweet treat. The geniuses over at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories have come up with a recipe for googly eyes that is 100% edible!

Flying Spaghetti MonsterIt’s all pretty simple, really. Just use some empty gelatin capsules (like the kind they put medicine or vitamin supplements in), some nonpareils, and perhaps half a Whopper, and voila! Googly eyes you can pop in your mouth. Of course we make no guarantees about how delicious they actually are… sometimes a Candy Addict just has to sacrifice flavor for sheer novelty.

Cruise on over to Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories for simple, step-by-step instructions, as well as an awesome recipe for these Flying Spaghetti Monster Treats – yummy!

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