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Candy Review: Playboy Chocolate

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Playboy Chocolate mansion

The Playboy Empire has now extended its reach into the sweet world of chocolate candy. Best know for… well, you know what they’re known for…. Playboy now has its own chocolate bars. Playboy Chocolate bars are available in 3.5oz bars (which is just less than the weight of two Hershey‘s chocolate bars) and they come in two varieties: 34% milk chocolate and 55% dark chocolate. Each variety come in three different Playboy-themed packages with slogans like “What happens at the mansion… stays at the mansion” (seen above), “Young & Loaded”, “I [heart] Playboy”, and “I’m a girl… chocolate is not a luxury. It’s a necessity.”

Upon opening the box, I see the bar is wrapped in paper with the Playboy bunny on it and in foil. I fully expected a Playboy Bunny imprinted on the bar, but was greeted by a bar separated into 12 rectangles in a 2×6 grid. No bunnies on each little rectangle either.

The milk chocolate is good, but not great. It didn’t impress me like I expected it would. I certainly wouldn’t refuse it if offered to me, but it just didn’t taste great like I expected it to. The dark chocolate is similar – it reminds me of the Hershey’s Dark Miniatures or maybe even semi-sweet chocolate chips. It just didn’t taste fancy or expensive or gourmet at all.

At a suggested price of $3.99 to $5.99, I just can’t recommend these chocolates. There are much better chocolates out there at this price range. $1 or $2 less per bar seems about right, but maybe you’re paying for the Playboy logo on the package. Remove the Playboy logos and these bars would be forgettable. As it is, they are only interesting because of the Playboy logo, not for the taste. Playboy Chocolate Bars are available at Spencer’s Gifts and at I’m just surprised they don’t have a variety with nuts.


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2 Responses to “Candy Review: Playboy Chocolate”

  1. 1
    John Klassa says:

    Groan! :-)

  2. 2
    Julie Nicolay says:

    Oh, where to start? I’m just surprised it took ‘em this long to hop on the uber-trendy chocolate bandwagon. What could be next, I wonder? Perhaps Playboy Bubble Gum! (With a marketing slogan I can’t print here since it’s a family website!). I’m sure plenty of people will buy these based on the Playboy name, however I doubt many of them will care about, nor discern, the mediocre chocolate inside the Bunny wrapper. They should’ve come out with these right before Christmas; you know how many stockings would’ve been stuffed with these?!

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