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Candy Review: Starburst Rattlesnakes and Starburst Soda Slammers

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Starburst Rattlesnakes

On a recent trip to work I realized I had to stop for gas, or push my car there – not a nice idea on a day when the mercury is already at 95 degrees at 7am! The stop at the gas station was a Candy Addict goldmine, though! They had loads of different things on special and I picked up two treats while I was there.

Starburst Rattlesnakes are a fairly new Starburst product. It’s basically all the delicious fruity Starburst flavors in a gummy snake. The back of the package rates these as “Chewier” on the Chew-O-Meter, and I’d say that’s pretty accurate. They hold their shape well while chewing, retain intense fruity flavor right to the end, and are pretty delish all around. In other words, pretty much the whole bag = breakfast.

Starburst Soda Slammers

Starburst Soda Slammers are another Starburst gummi product. These are a mixture of fruit and soda flavors, in this case the soda being cola and lemon-lime. Each shape (fruit, soda bottle, the Starburst lips logo) is a mixture of a fruit flavor and a soda flavor. It rates a “Heaps Chewier” on the Chew-O-Meter, which means it takes a fair bit of mouth power to break these babies down. I ate a handful of these before I made it to work, and decided to put them aside for further review. At this point I wasn’t entirely sure I liked them. The fruit-and-soda thing wasn’t bad, but I thought it needed further consideration.

I left the car, and my remaining Soda Slammers, and headed to work. Several hours later I returned, excited at the idea of eating some candy on the way home. Sadly, Candy Addict readers, it was not to be. My Soda Slammers had turned into… well… Soda Slammer Soup pooled at the bottom of the bag. Not really all that nice. I did try to grab some out to try, as it was all squishy and warm – but that was a disaster. Let’s just say it was proof that ectoplasm is alive and well, and living in my car. Interestingly, the snakes (2) I left behind were soft and squishy as well, but still retained their shape *and* I was able to pull them apart with only a bit of effort.

Gummi Soup

I brought the whole mess home, planning on chucking out the entire thing. I forgot it was in my bag and found it several days later, now basically re-formed. Always one for experimentation, I tried it again. (Note bite marks on above photo!) The weird thing is that my ectoplasmic plastic flap tasted really good! I could clearly discern the soda versus the fruit flavors, and I quite liked how the colors all swirled together. The texture was as it had been pre-melting – soft and stretchy and with quite a bit of “chew” left to it.

The Starburst gummi range is produced in Australia by Masterfoods. The ones I’ve tasted thus far are all quite delicious, with intense bursts of (artificial) fruit flavors, bright colors, and fun shapes and designs. I’ve been eating quite a few variations in the Starburst gummi range and I have yet to be disappointed.

I wouldn’t recommend this precise method as a way of eating gummis… but as it’s already quite hot Down Under (and summer has only just begun), who knows what future evil candy disasters/inventions lurk in my car.

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8 Responses to “Candy Review: Starburst Rattlesnakes and Starburst Soda Slammers”

  1. 1
    AntFan says:

    Dangit! I was hoping these were available in the USA! Are they Australia only for now? Forever? Dangit!

  2. 2
    Julie Nicolay says:

    I had the same thing happen to me with a bag of cheapo gummy bears on a hot Tucson day last summer (I wasn’t thinking, either, LOL!), and wound up letting the gelatinous soup harden and whoa, it was colorful, cool, wierd and definitely a tasty experience, with all the flavors combined! I now wish I’d taken a photo of my gummy soup creation after it hardened…I loved that you put that on here, thank you! Now, yeah, when do we get ‘em on this side of the pond?

  3. 3
    Rissa says:

    I seriously read that whole review, got excited for new Starburst products, and then you tell me you’re in Australia? Noooooo! Next time maybe a little warning? :(

  4. 4
    AntFan says:

    Rissa, There is a slight warning… but it is hard to see “Foreign (non-US) Candy” is at the top of the article (in red, under the “Categories:” headline).

  5. 5
    Shayla says:

    Okay, so maybe she could have warned us/ But the point of the article was to tell us about starburst soup! Not were it is avalible. But dosen’t it say that it is manufactured in Austrlia? And didn’t she buy them a a gas station? that doesn’t mean you can only buy them in that really hard to spell country!

  6. 6
    Madz says:

    Is starburst’s australian and if u could can you give me flow chart that would be nice. I am doing a school report and i chose to do starbust’s so i need to know how they were created and all the steps.

    from madz

  7. 7
    vonkia moss says:

    i love starburst

  8. 8
    sami says:

    starburst are a hit i boart them to a slummber party and they were gone in 5 minutes thankyou starburst makers for this creaction

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