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Candy Review: D’asse Chocolates

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Couque D'Asses

We were going to just mention D’asse because of its odd name, but I was most amused when I actually found a box to taste! This is why I love living in a neighborhood with some great Asian supermarkets. You never know what gems you might find – and at $2 for a box, this one was a bargain!

Strictly speaking, D’asses is not really a chocolate or a candy. Made by the Crown company in Korea, it’s two very thin, airy wafers which sandwich a thin layer of flavored cream. I picked up a coffee flavored version and it was awesome. Lovely texture, nice coffee-ish flavor without being overbearing, and truly delicious.

The only drawback is the packaging – like a lot of Asian products, the D’asses are separately wrapped in foil envelopes, complete with diagram on how to open it. Every time I opened one (following said instructions) I managed to break the D’asses into several pieces. While there are several times in my life when I’ve wanted to knock off a piece of D’asse, this is not one of them!

Some research has led me to believe that these actually translate to “Cookies from Asse” – with Asse being a city in Belgium. Who in their right mind thought this made a good name for a product is beyond me… I don’t really want to be eating cookies from any body part, thanks, even if it is a city name!

If you can get past the name – which I couldn’t, without laughing each time I looked at the box – you will find a yummy, sweet treat to enjoy with a hot drink on a cool night. Of course you’ll also find yourself finding every excuse to use the product name, “Honey? Can I have a piece of D’asse?” “Oh, I’d really like a piece of D’asse right about now!” “Oh no! I broke D’asse!” The possibilities are end-l’asse…

    Buy D’asse Chocolates online:

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One Response to “Candy Review: D’asse Chocolates”

  1. 1
    wakafallen says:


    people in south korea usually call is Kukudas (apparently the person who made up the name thought it sounded classy)

    Now the packaging is better (you tear off a corner of the plastic, and it rips all the way down to the bottom because there’s a red plastic line attached beneath the point where it says “open here”)

    it is good with coffee (i just had a few an hour ago)

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