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Candy Review: Quench Gum

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Quench Gum

Billed as “America’s #1 Sports Gum,” Quench Gum supposedly quenches thirst and relieves dry mouth. After a recent injury sidelined me for a couple of months, I was able to begin working out again this week, and decided to give Quench a try. It seemed like the perfect solution to, well, quench my thirst – it’s small and packable (unlike sports drinks); I like gum; and it comes in a fairly impressive variety of flavors. I decided to test its quenching ability after a long, hard swim.

I like Quench’s packaging. It’s efficient, reasonably appealing, and the gum actually looks like the picture on the package. Each pack contains ten pieces of two-tone gum lined up tightly and individually wrapped in waxy paper. The gum has a slightly nostalgic feel, since it’s not packaged with many frills. It’s a bit reminiscent of the original pieces of Bazooka.

I went for the Strawberry Watermelon piece first. It was tasty – very good, in fact, but tasted a bit like sour apple candy. I expected a burst of liquid (after all, the gum is supposed to quench thirst), but it was just like regular, sugary gum.

Next, I unwrapped Double Orange and Fruit Punch. Not so good, but not bad, either, with more of a liquidy, thirst-quenching quality than the Strawberry Watermelon. The taste reminded me of orange Gatorade. The flavor description was accurate, and this time, the gum seemed to have a strange, thirst-quenching quality, despite it not having a liquid center.

Finally, I went for Double Raspberry. It had definite artificial raspberry flavor, but was harder and less thirst quenching than the other flavors. I found that as the more I chewed, which wasn’t long, the Double Raspberry became less pliable and generally yucky-tasting.

I would definitely chew the Double Orange & Fruit Punch again, but not necessarily to quench my thirst. It did work well to stave off my regular sugar cravings though, and I didn’t even eat any candy the rest of the day. As far as the company’s claim that “athletes demand it,” I’ve been an athlete my entire life and have never encountered Quench in any sports setting. I’ve decided to see what other athletes think about it, and will take my remaining pieces to my soccer team’s final game. Since I still have to watch from the sidelines (darn busted leg), the least I can do is give the guys some free gum.

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11 Responses to “Candy Review: Quench Gum”

  1. 1
    AntFan says:

    I used to love quench gum when I was about 7. I think that there were only two flavors back then: Orange and Lemon-Lime.

  2. 2
    Julie Nicolay says:

    Yeah, I recall the lemon lime (I love anything lemon), and I do remember it as actually being fairly thirst-quenching, which I wasn’t expecting. I even bought it regularly. I hadn’t even thought about it in years until your review! I might have to try the Double Orange and see what I think. I’ve been a bit hooked on Stride gum for awhile since it outlasts my chewing attentiveness and that’s a first in a gum for me!

  3. 3
    Sam says:

    I have never tried this gum, but I might actually try it.

  4. 4
    Rollerblade says:

    I just saw this in a Sport’s Authority store yesterday, when I was getting my very first pair of rollerblades. I bought the orange punch stuffy,and it is very good. It is hard at first, then a teensy sour, than sweet and thirst quenching, then chewy, then hard. About a 30 min. cyclye.

  5. 5
    Amy says:

    I understand the marketed purpose of this type of gum is to quench the thirst of wrestlers, boxers, and martial artists when they are cutting weight before tournaments. In order to fight in the lowest weight division possible for their bulk, often they will limit their intake of food and fluids the day before weigh-ins. The gum is virtually massless when consumed, whereas water is quite heavy.
    I wouldn’t really recommend it for quenching post-workout thirst; it is much cheaper and probably healthier to drink some water or Pedialyte instead.

  6. 6
    Lisa says:

    This gum is so delicoius. i chew a lot of this gum. It’s very tasty

  7. 7
    Bridget says:

    the purpose of quench isn’t to eliminate the need for hydration, or to substitute what our bodies get from water.
    it is supposed to get rid of that dry, “cottony” feeling that your mouth gets during a heavy workout, or long run.

    i chew it when i run 5ks, and it is refreshing and a great treat.

  8. 8
    Deathlives says:

    I just had to chime in. I think I’m addicted to the stuff! I bought a box of the 25 assorted flavors and two packs of the 10 Strawberry/Watermelon. It was difficult but I was able to make all 45 pieces last exactly two-weeks (average apx. 3/day). The lemon, orange, and fruit flavors don’t last as long but they really make my mouth water. I spit the gum out after 10-15min. It gets kind of hard and loses its flavor by then. The Strawberry/Watermelon is a little harder at first but soon gets perfectly soft. The flavor also grew on me within a few pieces. Great stuff!

  9. 9
    lindsay says:

    I’m actually chewing a piece right now =) I like this gum but I’ve had better =\

  10. 10
    CPJ says:

    A co-worker ordered some samples of this gum and shared with my team. It is SOOOOO good. This is the tastiest gum I’ve ever had. The only thing I don’t like is, there is a BURST of flavor and then it just disappears in about 3 minutes.

  11. 11
    Andrea says:

    Love gum. Hate this one. Doesn’t work. Im on the track team @ LPA and it didn’t even last 100m. I makes my mouth feel worst thant without it. Try if u want to. Cost $.20 @ Sports Authority.

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