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Candy Review: Sour Patch Extreme

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Sour Patch Extreme

Our final guest writer review of the week is written by Jim Bonomo. He took the pics for the review too!

Sour Patch Kids were my childhood favorite candy and are continuously consumed in my home to this day. As a young’un, I’d throw cavity caution to the wind and pair those sugary sour bombs regularly with can after can of Coke Classic (The candy gods must have bestowed upon me immunity from diabetes). My late 20′s marked the local arrival of Sour Patch Fruits, which presented a welcome flavor variety but seemed to dull down the sourness of the original product.

Imagine my joy when, as a child of 31 years, I saw something called Sour Patch Extreme show up on the candy shelf at my local gas station. I am a self-professed masochist when it comes to sour candy, and years of consumption have brought about the need for a stronger fix. Before me, I see potential in the word “Extreme”.

Sour Patch Extreme pile
This package (which feels wicked light) presents the eater with three new flavor combinations. One piece is a sour apple/strawberry mix, one a orange and blue razz mix, and the third is watermelon mixed with grape. The bag’s graphics portray animated two-color faces with insanely puckered and otherwise distorted faces, and a tagline proclaims “2 SUPER SOUR flavors in one”. Excitement takes hold when I notice not one, but FOUR different acids listed in the ingredient list (Lactic, Tartaric, Citric, and Fumaric for the science whizzes out there).

The candies themselves are covered with a sour sugar very similar to regular SPK’s. The texture is conversely more reminiscent of the fruits: larger pieces, firmer, and able to locate more nooks and crannies in your teeth. The sour apple/strawberry is probably the best tasting, evoking the flavor of candy apples. An initial sour blast dulls quickly, and strikes me as only moderately more intense (and certainly briefer) than the regular variety. There is nothing particularly sour about the candy itself.

Watermelon/grape is a mix of two flavors found in the “Fruits” bag, both of which I usually eat first because they pretty much suck. Needless to say, I wasn’t excited to eat this piece and the act of combining them failed to convert me. In short, watermelon and grape are two flavors that tend to come across as extremely artificial and un-simulate-able in the world of candy.

Sour Patch Extreme flavorsFinally, the orange/blue raspberry flavors present a mix of sweet and tart in the candy that plays nicely with the sour buzz; not to mention the color scheme of this piece will surely be a favorite among Chicago Bears fans. Any time I encounter “blue raspberry” and “sour” together in a product description, my salivary glands automatically activate. The orange flavor is quite good too, taking its recipe straight from the original SPK cookbook.

Sour Patch Extreme was a bit of a disappointment, as I expected “Extreme” to refer to an unprecedented level of sourness. It didn’t. Overall, I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the experience but I’m not sure I’d buy it again. For one, not liking one little flavor discounted 1/3 of the package’s contents. Secondly, there were very few candies in this bag. I prefer to go with the mammoth pound bags or at the very least, movie-theater size. Really, the only thing “extreme” here is my overall ambivalence about the product. It’s back to the regular old Sour Patch Kids for me.

Buy Sour Patch Extreme online:

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10 Responses to “Candy Review: Sour Patch Extreme”

  1. 1
    candykid says:

    haha…i love sour patch kids…but after this review i don’t think i’ll be tryng these. also is this guy from boston? cause he said wicked…which i’ve been told is like boston slang.

  2. 2
    Jim says:

    i am not from boston but i am close enough to have many friends from the beantown.. i just like saying ‘wicked’..

  3. 3
    Julie Nicolay says:

    Sour anything is right up there on my “I’ll try it” list (well, shoot, actually to be quite honest, any candy is on that list), and I love Sour Patch Kids, Warheads, Sour Cotton Candy (that stuff is very sour, Jim, check it out if you haven’t already), etc. Heyyyyyy, that gives me an idea! Gummy Warheads with that eye-wateringly sour sugar on ‘em…yeah…gimme some!

    As far as buying a package of SPK Extreme, well, after Jim’s review, I think I’ll pass. If they’re not wicked sour enough for him, then they won’t be for me, either, I’m betting. (And having lived in CT for decades, yeah, I thought he must be a Beantowner, too, when I saw the “wicked”)!

  4. 4
    candykid says:

    I was in CT over us thanksgiving! But yeah…some bostonian cousins told me about it. i was laughing soo hard! wicked sick is my fave, cause it just sounds so ridiculous. but then again, the old canuck fave, eh does too.

  5. 5
    Cat says:

    hey not just bostonians say that! I’m from RI and I say it a wicked lot ^^

  6. 6
    LoveyDovey says:

    Amazing….all I can say is amazing!!! I have had them before and if you are a sour faniatic like me….then you will absolutly LOVE them! Just looking at them makes my mouth water!!!!!!!!!! The best siur oatch kids ever made!

  7. 7
    Andrew says:

    I found these at Walmart today for $0. 59. I really like blue razz/ orange.

  8. 8
    lindsay says:

    I love these extremes. They are however very hard to find. I would recommend these. The two flavors together are really good!!!

  9. 9
    natalie says:

    these are the best candy i have ever tasted in my life! i always buy 4 bags at a time because i have a massive sweet tooth. they’re sour, sweet, tarty AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. i die for these. the local target does not carry these anymore, so it makes me incredibly sad.

  10. 10
    Jessie says:

    These are the best! My new favorite candy by far!!!!! The gas station by my house stopped carrying them and I cannot find them anywhere! I am about to buy them in bulk!!!! <3

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