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Candy Review: Australian Pods from Mars, Inc.

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Mars Pods

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As part of our Guest Writer Week, here is a review of an Australian product called Pods written by our good friend Goob from Hey It’s Free – he’s tipped us off on many a free candy in the past, so be sure and take a peek at his site regularly for some great free stuff.

Two of my greatest joys in life are traveling and candy. In fact, if I could figure a way to travel around while inside a giant piece of candy, I’d be set. But until then, I comfort myself with knowing that every time I journey to a new location, I have the chance to try out some new candy! In fact, a while back, I lived in Australia and one of the first local words I picked up was “lollies,” which is what they call candy (Note: check out more words for candy in other lands). Every time I’d walk into a store, I’d hunt down the lollie isle and it wasn’t long before I discovered the wonderful joy that are Pods.

Made by Mars Incorporated, Pods are a type of candy that I’ve unfortunately only been able to find in Australia. They come in many poplar flavors, Mars, Twix, Bounty, and Snickers just to name a few, and basically they are the physical representation of the word “awesome.” Okay, maybe that’s not the most accurate description.

Basically, they are small sized pieces of candy, about the size of a “snack-size” candy bar here, where the bottom part is a plain wafer cup, or “pod” if you will, and inside of it is a gooey-liquid form of whatever the Pods flavor is supposed to be (again, Mars, Twix, etc.). To top it off, the yummy center is coated with a hefty portion of chocolate, no matter what the flavor of the inside.

My words fail to grasp just how delicious these really are. There are some small drawbacks to Pods though. They suffer from what I like to call the “potato chip” syndrome in that even though it looks like you’re getting a lot when you purchase them, once you open the foil bag and look down inside, you realize that you just paid about $4.00 US for not too many Pods.

In fact, most packages come with right around 40 Pods each, so you’re paying a dime for each Pod and trust me, that’s not a fun fact to think about as you’ll eat more than just a few Pods in each sitting! Also, if you happen to buy a package and then leave them sitting in your cabinet for more than a few weeks, they tend to become a bit soggy and nasty. So be sure to eat them quickly!

I’ve still yet to figure out why Pods haven’t made it across the ocean yet to either Europe or the States. In fact, from my time in Australia, I’ve discovered that they’re not even particularly popular there to begin with. Which baffles me even further, because I promise you, if you enjoy tasty treats and ever have the opportunity to pick up a package of Pods, you won’t regret it! In fact, they’re almost worth the 16 hour plane ride over there alone!

Editor’s note: Wow – those sound incredibly wonderful! I just put Pods on my ever-growing “Must Try” list.

Buy Pods online:

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6 Responses to “Candy Review: Australian Pods from Mars, Inc.”

  1. 1
    yay says:

    Yeah Pods are awesome. I don’t buy them very often mainly because I know I will eat them all within a very short space of time. And the issue with pack size/cost.

    Perhaps I’d better go and buy some this afternoon…

  2. 2
    Kelly says:

    Great write-up, Goob. I’m moving to Australia in February–I can’t wait to try these!

  3. 3
    Goob says:

    Yay, if you buy some any time soon, can you send a few my way? :)

    And Kelly, I don’t think I’ve ever been more jealous of anybody in my life! Enjoy Australia and even more importantly, enjoy the Pods!

  4. 4
    etho says:

    I’m visiting New Zealand for a couple months, I wonder if I might be able to find any of these. Sounds like it’s probably worth looking, anyway. I can’t imagine that it will unseat the Violet Crumble as my favorite Aussie candy (though they’re quite easy to find in the US, they are still generally identified as Australian) but they sound quite tasty.

  5. 5
    Bec says:

    Oh, yes. Pods are VERY popular here in Oz :) The snickers ones are to DIE for. Whenever I have friends over, I buy a box, and they usually disappear in 15 minutes!

  6. 6
    ashley says:

    i love pods!! In fact, I’m eating some Pods right now!! They’re the Mars ones… They have to be my second favourite chocolate, the first being Maltesers! The packaging has shanged, and they don’t have my favourite part, the zip-lock part… :( please write more articles about Australian candy! (I have a tendency to say certain words in the American way!) I <3 Aussie candy!

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