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Candy Addict’s Guest Writer Week

Are you looking to showcase your elite writing skillz on a website that gets thousands of visitors per day? Well, now you have the chance. All next week, Candy Addict will be featuring articles written by you, our fans and loyal readers. If you think you’re up to the task, use the contact form to […] – customized chocolate

Dove Chocolates has just jumped on the customized candy bandwagon with their latest: The chocolate isn’t actually customized – the wrapper is. You get to choose up to four custom messages of three lines each and up to 17 characters per line, the font, the foil color, whether you want milk or dark chocolate, […]

Candy Review: Licorice Bridge Mix

One of my favorite licorice indulgences has always been Bridge Mix. When I opened this month’s Black and Red Licorice of the Month Club‘s package, I was thrilled to find a nice little bag of Bridge Mix waiting for me. Now, I’ve never quite understood why this fun mix of various licorice candies is called […]

Candy Review: Amano Limited Edition Cuyagua Bar

One of the chocolatiers I was most looking forward to meeting at the Chocolate Show was Amano. Brian was lucky enough to sample both the Madagascar and his Ocumare bar and was floored by what a wonderful quality chocolate it was. I was especially excited because Amano was awarded Best Dark Chocolate, Best Dark Chocolate […]

Chocolate Candy Review: Lava Bar – Gourmet Molten Chocolate

Touted as “the world’s first pre-melted chocolate bar,” the Lava Bar is “gourmet molten chocolate” in a 2.5 oz golden foil-like pouch. It is not chocolate syrup, though it can be used like chocolate syrup on ice cream, fruit, shakes or coffee. To soften the chocolate and really make it fluid, you need to submerge […]