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Retro Candy Review: Chuckles: Worth The Laugh

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Chuckles Package

Chuckles Jelly Candy is one of those retro candies that I’ve noticed on select shelves but never felt the need to give a try. Until now, that is.

Chuckles are the product of confectioner Fred W. Amend who created them in 1921. These gummies were a result of Amend trying to keep gummies from “sweating” inside their packaging, while his wife gave them their playful name. They became extremely popular and starting around WWII began a very long run of successful advertising campaigns. “Purest candy tastes just dandy, keep it handy!” The fact that they still exist today is a testament to the quality and yumminess of this particular treat.

Chuckles come in a roll of five flavors, each rectangular in shape with rounded ridges on the top. The package always smells extremely fruity. The texture of Chuckles is part of the strong appeal: not too hard, not too soft. Thankfully for me, they’re also not sticky enough to get stuck in your teeth! Yes!

Chuckles Candy

Cherry: Very light and floral tasting. It reminds me of cough syrup, but much sweeter and much more pleasant. It also has a zestiness to it and I find it leaves a sour aftertaste in the mouth.

Lemon: It’s fresh, lemony and sweet. It’s lacking that zesty punch I’m used to in lemon flavors, so I guess this is lemon “lite.” I would have liked this flavor as a kid because of the sweetness. It’s also very refreshing.

Licorice: Oooo, a surprise! It has a nice spicy anise flavor with a subtle hint of wintergreen. So good! My favorite of all the flavors and fellow black licorice lovers will enjoy this one.

Lime: This is very chemically tasting and very zesty. It reminds me of Lysol, and I even taste the “fumes” in there. My mouth did feel clean and disinfected afterwards.

Orange: Very sweet and perfectly zesty with a lovely orange flavor. It left a slight burn in my mouth like real citrus fruits. Yum!

Overall I was impressed with these and it’s apparent why they’ve been around for so long. I’d buy them again when I’m in the mood for a gummi candy or to satisfy a light licorice craving. These are worth a try.

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4 Responses to “Retro Candy Review: Chuckles: Worth The Laugh”

  1. 1
    Pamela says:

    I wish they made a sour chuckles, I think they would be very tasty.

  2. 2
    Julie Nicolay says:

    Y’know, I have to admit that Chuckles was never a candy I chose as they seemed “boring” compared to all the chocolate choices that sat upon the shelves alongside these sugared gummy candies. When I was a kid and mom would let us pick a candy bar, I never in a million years was gonna waste my pick on Chuckles’ common-ness. So, I never tried them until about 2 years ago at age 48. I actually stood in the store and thought to myslef, “Whoa, I’ve never even tried these! ‘Bout time I did.” I was pleasantly surprised at their smooth texture, intense flavors and YES! Licorice! It really is my favorite flavor, too. I wish they made a whole bag of just that, as a matter of fact!

  3. 3
    Ralph Rettig says:

    My grandfather was president of Martha Washington Candies Co. in Chicago. I have all of the original recipes. Fred Almond was a friend of the family and would regularly send cases of Chuckles as well as gum drops his company made. Their advertising slogan was Five slices, Five flavors, Five cents.
    Currently available Chuckles are not as flavorful as the originals.

  4. 4
    Gary Laughrey says:

    Does anyone remember the Christmas Chuckles with the white, red and green trees and stockings? The white were wonderful. I think these are the best chuckles of all time. But, like peppermint PEZ, they seem to have vanished from the earth.

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