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Candy Review: IQ Elements Mint Drops

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IQ Elements Pure Mint Drops
Do you think our esteemed leader was trying to tell me something when he sent me a box full of different kinds of mints to review from the All Candy Expo? My pores are going to ooze peppermint for weeks! I don’t have a problem with that, though, especially after trying IQ Elements Mint-Drops. The German company hooked us up with four minty flavors of their football-shaped mint drops, which contain various nutrients purported to improve your body and soul. They come in attractive, easy-open bags with photos of the four elements.

Pure Mint + Creatin (Air): These white mints have the intensity of Altoids, and they’re only slightly less chalky. As they dissolve, they have the same gritty feel you’ll find in Altoids, but these are slightly larger and last longer. After I tried one of these, I was tempted to find some onions to eat so I could test the rest of the IQ Elements mints. Their flavor is fierce and vivid, and it lingers for a long time! Creatine is a favorite supplement of body builders – it helps give your muscles and nerve cells energy. Who would have thought you’d find a breath mint fortified with creatine?

Orange Mint + Asian Spices (Earth): Ever had orange tea? That’s exactly what this pale orange mint smells like. And it tastes like it at first, orange tea with hints of bitter orange peel and cinnamon. In fact, the strong but complementary mint in the background doesn’t overwhelm the orange at all. This is definitely an adult mint. I’m not sure what the asian spices are supposed to do for your body or mind, but experiencing one of these mints is much like settling down with a hot cup of orange tea.

IQ Elements Cherry Mint DropsCherry Mint + Flavonoide and Acerola Vit. C (Fire): Can I be honest with you, fellow Candy Addicts? I expected this to be terrible. I’ve never had a cherry and mint mixture that tasted the least bit tolerable. Imagine my surprise when the cherry didn’t taste like cough drops, and the two flavors melded nicely together! The first taste to hit my tongue was a gentle rush of sweet cherry, immediately followed by the coolness of mint. And the pink mints pack another punch: flavonoids are known antioxidants, and the mints contain vitamin C derived from Acerola cherries.

Lemon Green-T Mint + Cholin (Water): When I opened the bag, I was a little disappointed to find that it smelled a bit like a janitor’s closet. Then, I was a little disappointed to see that they’re a dull yellow mottled with brown – not very appetizing. But then, when I popped one into my mouth, I tasted bitter green tea, which quickly turned into pleasantly sour lemon, followed by an afterthought of mint. Touch it with the tip of your tongue and you’ll find it’s truly sour, but in a real, tart way – quite unlike the artificial sour you get with Warheads. And choline is another “smart drug” because it’s needed to produce neurotransmitters in the brain that help memory, intelligence and mood.

I’m seriously impressed with all these mints. You know how pizza-flavored chips never really taste like pizza, because you don’t get the flavors of cheese, tomato and bread separately? That’s what I expected these mints to taste like – a mindless conglomeration of flavors. But somehow they managed to effectively highlight each flavor while duly subduing the mint, leaving me with something that makes my mouth tingle and my taste buds happy. Good luck finding them, though you can order them at their online store if you’re in Germany. Hopefully they’ll hit the U.S. market full force soon!

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4 Responses to “Candy Review: IQ Elements Mint Drops”

  1. 1
    ChocolateCheesecake says:

    Wow, sounds amazing! I’ll have to pick up a box soon!

  2. 2
    Chris Walker says:

    IQ Elements are slowly spreading to retailers across the United States… Let me know where you are located, and I’ll let you know the nearest retailer that carries them! I’m the importer, and I can also get hundreds of sample sized packs sent to your favorite candy store so that you can try them, as well as your local candy addicts!

  3. 3
    Chris Walker says:

    Look for IQ Elements soon on grocery!

  4. 4
    oakling says:

    Hee. My anti-spam word was “awesome,” which is what I was about to say!

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