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Candy Review: Chewy Atomic Fireballs

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chewy Atomic Fireballs box
I have a special place in my heart tastebuds for Atomic Fireballs. When I was a kid I would buy them by the box (160 in a box for $3.20). So, when I saw the new Chewy Atomic Fireballs at the All Candy Expo, I nearly did a backflip. Could chewy Fireballs be as good (or dare I say, better) than the Atomic Fireballs I have grown to know and love?

The Chewy Atomic Fireballs come in small 1 oz. boxes like Lemonheads do (and they now make Chewy Lemonheads too – review on the way) and retail for $0.25. The box is red and colorful and even has a small warning label that says “Caution: Extreme Heat!” The Chewy Fireballs themselves are about the size of a Lemonhead. They’re also exactly like jellybeans in that they have a sugary/grainy outer coating around a jelly-like ball.

Chewy Fireballs are nice and hot in the Atomic Fireball way – it’s a cinnamon heat in a non-cinnamon sort of way. They are the kind of hot your little sister can’t handle, but you love. They’re good. If you like the original Atomic Fireballs (or any cinnamon-hot candy really), I think you’ll like them. I do.

Buy Atomic Fireballs online:

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6 Responses to “Candy Review: Chewy Atomic Fireballs”

  1. 1
    Jamie says:

    I love Atomic Fireballs. Are these chewy in the Hot Tamale kind of way, or chewy in the cinnamon hearts kind of way?

  2. 2
    Brian says:

    Jamie – they are chewy in the Hot Tamales kind of way :)

  3. 3
    Julie Nicolay says:

    YES! YES!! YESSSS!!! Can ya tell I’m excited and can’t wait to get some? And, oh, be still my lemon-loving beating heart…chewy Lemonheads? Oh…oh…please…I’m a lemon-aholic and Lemonheads are in my Top 5 favorite edible lemon things. If you’ve read my other comments, y’all know I’m into food textures and chewy Lemonheads are gonna make me swoon (when I get one that is chewy in the midst of the hard ones, oh, happy day), so yeah, I’m pretty much excited now. Bring it on, Ferrara Pan!

  4. 4
    Denise says:

    Chewy atomic fireballs are AWESOME and HOT….very addictive along with a big glass of water. Problem we have is now we are addicted there is NO where around who sells them. The only ones I did find and now not there either is Dollar Tree Store.

  5. 5
    Pongo says:

    If you’re looking for another place to buy the chewys, Casey’s general store supplies them. That’s where I always get mine. THEY ARE AWESOME!!!

  6. 6
    Rob Abernethy says:

    Walgreen’s carries these in the “Movie Candy” size boxes, and recently had all the movie candy on sell for 3 for $3. The Kangaroo convenience store nearby carries the same size box for $1.39.
    I’ve also seen the $.25 boxes around also.

    (I’m in North Carolina)

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