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Cool and wacky candy from Japan – customized chocolate

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my Dove chocolate
Dove Chocolates has just jumped on the customized candy bandwagon with their latest: The chocolate isn’t actually customized – the wrapper is. You get to choose up to four custom messages of three lines each and up to 17 characters per line, the font, the foil color, whether you want milk or dark chocolate, and if you want a 50 or 75 piece bag of candy. Your message(s) will be printed on the inside wrapper of your chocolates.

This seems like a great idea for special occasions like weddings, 40th birthdays, etc. given that you can customize the message and pick the foil color to match your color scheme. The only problem I have is the price. 50 pieces will run you $40 plus $12.95 shipping or about $53 – that’s over $1.00 per bite-size chocolatey Dove goodness. Maybe it’s just me though – I’m a world-class cheapskate.

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