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Candy Review: Licorice Bridge Mix

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Bridge Mix

One of my favorite licorice indulgences has always been Bridge Mix. When I opened this month’s Black and Red Licorice of the Month Club‘s package, I was thrilled to find a nice little bag of Bridge Mix waiting for me.

Now, I’ve never quite understood why this fun mix of various licorice candies is called a “Bridge” Mix. Does it involve the card game enjoyed by little old ladies worldwide, or does it have to do with the structure of the same name? If you know, tell us in the comments!

Despite the mystery of the name, Bridge Mix is a wonderful way to enjoy different flavors and strengths of licorice in one convenient package. There are four different types of candies included – little pastel colored candy coated licorice bits, something that resembles a licorice button in white and black (and occasionally red), small black jellybeans, and drops coated with a multicolored mix of sugar balls.

Pastel Licorice Bits: These candies definitely have the strongest licorice flavor of the bunch. They pack quite the little punch, but when coupled with some of the other sweeter candies, they’re really good. I wouldn’t want to eat a bag of them by themselves, but they make for a nice change from the other milder candies.

Licorice Buttons: These are slightly waxy, with a very interesting licorice flavor. They’re definitely sweet, but in a good way. Chewy, but not at all sticky. I really enjoy these, and love to mix them with the stronger pastels, which makes for a very nice flavor contrast.

Black Jellybeans: These remind me of JellyBelly’s licorice flavored jellybeans. In fact, JellyBelly makes a bridge mix, so these may actually be their jellybeans. Strong, but sweet with a very typical American licorice flavor.

Licorice Drops: These are definitely my favorite out of the bunch. The sugar ball coating on the outside is actually somewhat subdued – the sugar must be tempered by another ingredient to make it less sweet than you would expect. The inside is very much like a gumdrop, but with a nice licorice flavor. The exterior and interior work together wonderfully, giving a full and delicious licorice flavor.

All in all, I have to say that I love Bridge Mix, especially if the numbers of little pastel bits are kept down. If you love American licorice, you should definitely try some of this!

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6 Responses to “Candy Review: Licorice Bridge Mix”

  1. 1
    ajewel says: has the definition of bridge mix as:

    Main Entry: bridge mix
    Part of Speech: n
    Definition: a mixture of various chocolate-covered candies, nuts, raisins, caramels, etc.
    Etymology: from the handiness of such candies during a bridge game

  2. 2
    Emily says:

    mmm…chocolate bridge mix is my absolute fave…once i ate a whole bag by myself…:O

  3. 3
    JEP says:

    I, too. love this candy mix. I buy from a bulk bin quite often!

  4. 4
    Cruelty-free vegetarian store says:

    I too love Bridge mix, but no idea from where it got this name.

  5. 5
    Sparkina says:

    Man, I love licorice bridge mix! Especially the creamy “buttons,” which I call creme dainties. Think candy corn, or those adorable and delectable Halloween candy pumpkins made of candy-corn base, or hardened cake frosting, with that sweet, rooty licorice spark. DELISH!

  6. 6
    Traci says:

    They’re so pretty, I wish I liked licorice.

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