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Halloween Quickie Candy Reviews: Peeps Spooky Friends, Gummi Googly Eyes, Individual Twizzlers

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Well, Halloween is over, the decorations are coming down, and the candy bowl is slowly emptying. While the sweet memories are still fresh, I thought I’d share some of my favorites from this year’s haul.

Peeps Spooky FriendsPeeps Spooky Friends: These are pretty much equal in their level of awesomeness with the Googly Eyes (see below). To describe these, I would have to say that they’re much like a compressed regular peep; they’re much more dense, but have the same granular sugar coating. In terms of flavor, though, they far surpass their puffy cousins. To be honest, I’m not exactly sure what the flavor is, but it’s darn good. It’s reminiscent of chocolate and vanilla at the same time. I wish I had more of these!

Gummy Googly EyesGummi Googly Eyes: These are absolutely awesome. The top is a typical gummy, with a nice, firm texture and a wonderfully sweet, fruity flavor. The bottom is a slightly different consistency, almost like a gummy with more air mixed in. The combination of the two types of gummies is what really sets this apart; I’m only sorry the kids didn’t get more for me to steal!

Twizzlers WrappedIndividually Wrapped Twizzlers: In years gone past, I’ve noticed how Twizzlers at Halloween always seemed to taste better than the rest of the year. Well, it finally came to me why that must be – all the Twizzlers one receives at Halloween are individually wrapped. At least, they should be; I wouldn’t eat them if they weren’t! Unlike the waxy, stale, stuck-together pieces found in larger packages, the individually wrapped ones remind me distinctly of how Brian described his Fresh From the Factory Twizzlers. Definitely the only way I’ll eat Twizzlers these days!


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4 Responses to “Halloween Quickie Candy Reviews: Peeps Spooky Friends, Gummi Googly Eyes, Individual Twizzlers”

  1. 1
    JEP says:

    Oh those Twizzlers sound the best!

  2. 2
    Janelle says:

    You are spot on about the Twizzlers. The only kind I like (need) are the snack size that come as individually wrapped, 2 short-bar packs at Halloween and Valentine’s Day. With the holiday just passed, I currently have 60 48-count bags in my storage. They are much more tender and much different than the single strand snack size Wal-Mart carries. Guess I’ll have to try the FFF ones next. (yes, it’s sad and an obsession, but I love ‘em!)

  3. 3
    Caitlin says:

    Yeah, those mini two packs are good too. In fact, I’d say they may just slightly edge out the single-wrapped in terms of texture. But, I can never find them around here! I get them out of the kids’ Halloween haul, but I have yet to actually find a bag of them in a store.

  4. 4
    Janelle says:

    I shouldn’t know all this…but CVS carries THE Twizzlers at Christmas and Valentine’s Day. However, I ordered a shipment online in September as soon as the candy store emailed me….then my local grocer carried them too…and now Walmart has the Fast Packs which are slightly longer bars, 8 to a pack. Those have the exact texture. I’m really thinking I need to get more of a life. My kids even know to keep out of the stash. :) Sad.

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