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DIY Halloween Candy Bars

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Peanut Butter Cups & Twixt via CHOW.com

Everything tastes better home-made, right? This is true of almost everything, but it is especially true when it comes to treats. Cookies straight out of the oven are infinitely more pleasing than the ones straight out of the factory. Foodie website chow.com understands this concept perfectly, and they’ve put together a small collection of recipes which take the standard chocolate candy bar to higher levels.

The article suggests that you should give the store-bought stuff to the kids in costumes and make these fancy takes on classic treats for yourself. After all, most children are taught to avoid eating handmade treats anyway, but these bars sound perfect to serve at a Halloween party. CHOW even offers wrapper templates that you can print out for each bar, which is a nice touch.

The simplest recipe they have is for the peanut butter cup, which requires a mini-muffin tin to help form those delectably deep shapes and suggests mixing in graham cracker crumbs with the peanut butter filling to create that wonderfully crisp texture. For the really adventurous, there’s the DIY take on the Snickers bar, Snickles. That recipe includes mixing your own nougat filling and caramel. Of course, any DIY project takes a lot of time and effort, but the rewards (including a whopping 24 servings of each bar!) make it all worthwhile.

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One Response to “DIY Halloween Candy Bars”

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    Technosquid says:

    pimpthatsnack.com has an awesome home made “pimped” twix.

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