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Best Tricks for Treats: Share Your Halloween Candy Tips

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It’s that time of year again, when strange creatures roam around in the dark searching for sugary snacks at strangers’ homes. Ah, I love Halloween! Do you go all-out for the holiday, or is it just an excuse to buy more bags of candy than could ever be devoured by the neighborhood kids just so you’ll have enough Fun Size bars to last you through Christmas? We at Candy Addict want to hear your plans for the best candy holiday ever, and how you pass out candy to the trick or treaters.

Myself, I’m a big fan of the goodie bag, and I stick a nice variety of chocolate (classic Fun Size Bars and M&M’s packs) and hard, sour candies like Jolly Ranchers. I also like putting in a Halloween-themed sticker or a toy in each one.

What do you do for the holiday? Do you dare buy full-sized candy bars from the big box stores instead? I can see how your house could get very popular, very quickly. But think of the expense!

I’ve got one tip: please don’t be the one house that gives out boxes of raisins. It’s just not worth the ridicule.

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8 Responses to “Best Tricks for Treats: Share Your Halloween Candy Tips”

  1. 1
    phillygirl788 says:

    I never actually gave out candy for Halloween before but my parents always have ^_^ My Dad likes to buy a bunch of bags of different candy bars, usually the small chocolateish ones, and give out a big hand full to all the trick or treaters! My favorite houses to go to were the ones that gave out the “goodie bags”. I just always thought they were so neat! A cool looking reusable bag filled with different yummy candies ^_^

  2. 2
    Julie Nicolay says:

    OK, this is probably the ONLY place where I can admit the following and a) not be alone in my actions, and b) be completely understood (I can see virtual candy addicts’ heads nodding all over the planet):

    I am house sitting and started this particular gig at the end of September. I have until Nov. 5th. They left bags of fun size bars, the GOOD ones, and quite a few at that (Snickers, Kit Kat, Reese’s, Baby Ruth, etc.). Here is where I get brutally honest and tell you all that there haven’t been any left for 2 weeks now.

    I’ll be leaving the house on Halloween before dusk, turning off the lights and going to some internet wi-fi coffee house to drink coffee, eat something, surf the net and do my best to avoid my guilt, LOL!

  3. 3
    Gracie says:

    I always loved getting the little Halloween treat bags when I was a kid! For me it was all about the fun of sitting at the kitchen table after trick or treating, opening the treat bags and seeing what was in each one! This year I will be driving my kids and their friends. It is all about the CANDY and getting as much as possible! I drop them off at the end of a street, and pick them up at the other end when they are done. I drive them to as many neighborhoods as we can cover. I sit in the car, usually drinking Starbucks, eating candy and talking on my cell phone while they go house to house. When they finally give it up for the night, we get a pizza and go home. The rest of the night is usually spent trading candy!

  4. 4
    Caitlin says:

    For the last three years I’ve been the one making those goodie bags, and I can tell you, it’s brutal! Especially when you live in Brooklyn where you can easily get 200 kids coming by. This year, thankfully, the woman I work for found bulk boxes of full sized bars, so we gave out about 150 of those. Then we had to resort to bags of Halloween pretzels. You snooze you lose in our neighborhood! I think the total was 200 this year, ending around 9 when we turned off the lights and set the dog to guard the door (helps to deter the super-fun juvenile delinquents who like to vandalize property).

    As an aside, the kids I take care of won a costume contest for their mummy costumes and the sarcophagus we built to go along with them.

  5. 5
    Katy Powell says:

    When I was a kid, my mom always handed out Caprisons or Kool-Aids. I’ll tell you, that was the greatest thing of all time. Everybody was so happy, because after snacking at your candy and walking for hours, we all were overjoyed to see ice cold, sugary drinks that were easily disposable in our hands. I’m telling you, they don’t cost much, and your sure to be praised by all those kids for a long time.

  6. 6
    niamh says:

    i love sweets and candy and i always love to keep a secret stash under my bed!

  7. 7
    niamh says:

    i love sweeys and candy and at haloween i put some inside the pumpkin!

  8. 8
    niamh says:

    i love sweets

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