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Retro Candy Flashback: Nik’L'Nip

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When I look back on my youth, it occurs to me that I attended roughly 5,082 birthday parties between the ages of 2-11. I grew up in a neighborhood full of kids – we were never lacking in kickball players, manhunt raiders, or prisoners of water balloon war. There were so many of us that there was a birthday party about every two weeks, which made the painful wait between the major candy holidays (by which I mean Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Easter) go by much quicker, thanks to the glorious birthday party tradition of Goodie Bags.

Let us take a minute to give it up for the Goodie Bag, a wondrous hodgepodge of sweets and plastic toys! Being invited to a birthday party where Doritos, Chee-tos, Fritos, and other assorted “tos” were piled high in Tupperware bowls and a lunch of hot pizza was washed down with a slab of ice cream cake was wonderful. If that wasn’t enough though, a grown-up actually handed us a bag of candy on our way out the door, as if to say, “Thank you for coming to my kid’s party – but the party doesn’t stop here! Take this bag of sugar home and keep on rockin!”

Of course, certain Goodie Bags were better than others: a pack of sugar-free gum and a bottle of bubbles was okay, but not great. A pair of color changing sunglasses and a box of new crayons were nice, but not stellar. Honestly, all little baubles and gifts were a treat, and appreciated, but every so often, you’d hit the mother load: a Goodie Bag that had the Stix and the Bottles. Cha-ching!!!

The Stix, of course, were Pixy Stix, which I will be reviewing very soon, and the Bottles, the sweet, sweet Bottles, were the wax/juice combo known as Nik’L'Nip.

In theory, Nik’L'Nip should be a disgusting salve that your orthodontist puts over your braces after a tightening: “It’s wax… with juice in it! Sounds great, doesn’t it, Railroad Tracks!?”

This, however, is not the case. Nik’L'Nip are a delicious old school gem that continue to make people happy with the simple combo of super sweet juice (think Teeni drinks or a melted Flavor-Ice) locked inside a piece of bottle-shaped wax. Finding a Nik’L'Nip in a Goodie Bag was like finding a quarter in your pocket on Laundry Day in college. There is really nothing better.

Eating the Nik’L'Nips was trickier than I remembered. At first, I tried biting the tips off of the bottles in order to squeeze the juice out, but I ended up squirting the juice backwards and losing it completely. I even tried taking smaller bites, but the juice still dribbled onto my hand. I finally just decided to stick the whole thing in my mouth and chew, which was a bit like chewing a piece of Chewels gum, except the hard exterior in this case is wax, and should probably be thrown away once the juice is gone.

There is something about a candy you loved when you were very small that can instantly bring you back to a very happy moment. When I picked up a pack of (super-cheap, still!) Nik’L'Nip to review, I was just as excited as I’d been as a kid. Leaving the store, I felt like I’d just left a really great birthday party. And then, of course, I went back to the store and bought some Pixy Stix and a pair of color-changing sunglasses, because even grown-ups deserve a Goodie Bag once in a while.

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8 Responses to “Retro Candy Flashback: Nik’L'Nip”

  1. 1
    DreamyJen says:

    ah…the fond memories of goodie bags. while I was not a huge fan of Nik’L’Nip’s – I did love that flavored gum that came in mini juice cartons. I couldn’t get enough of pixie sticks. I did always feel a little cheated when I was stuck with a handful of double bubbles though.

  2. 2
    Julie Nicolay says:

    You felt cheated with bubble gum? Try attending a birthday party thrown by the only back-to-Mother-Nature hippie family (OK, this was the 60′s) in the neighborhood! Try getting no ice cream, no pizza nor a single piece of – gasp! – candy. Try getting carrot sticks with some funky dip stuff and popcorn balls made with honey and (I found out years later) Brewer’s yeast! Now people, as a kid, THAT was getting cheated!

    Though the consummate and true candy addict, I’d probably like those honey-Brewer’s yeast popcorn thingies now…

  3. 3
    Julie Nicolay says:

    P.S. I got so off-topic with my veggie party memory that I forgot to say that I STILL love Nik’L'Nips and yeah, they make me feel like a kid, too (but then again, pretty much everything does)!

  4. 4
    Dad-dio says:

    Jam…Your piece on the wax bottles made me always. Your piece earlier on Rolos…truth be told…I never ate them…my interest was that the never fit right on the candy counter (too round)…just like Charleston Chews (too long) and Chunky’s (too stubby)…maybe that’s why I don’t see them on the shelf because they been put in the corner somewhere for a better fit…that may also be why the Hersey bar or Nestle’s Crunch bar are so popular because there a standard fit and get front row seats on the counter!

  5. 5
    speedmaster says:

    LOL, I remember those well! ;-)

  6. 6
    kik says:

    love disssss thing and i am 15 years old omggggg it is so gud

  7. 7
    porscha says:

    Nik-L-Nips were my favorite. The trick to eating? Gently bite the bottle top off and instead of squeezing…just suck! No mess! My favorite part was after I sucked all the juice out, I would chew on that wax for hours! Those were the good old days.
    Anyone remember candy cigarrettes & ring pops? Or PushUp Pops ( the hard candy, not the ice cream) mmmmmmm

  8. 8
    Jasper says:

    They don’t taste the same as when I was a kid.
    Crystal Geyser Juice Squeeze raspberry tastes more like Nik-L-Nips used go taste.

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