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Great Geysers Kit – Mentos and Soda Made Easy

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Maybe the whole Mentos + Diet Coke craze is well-worn. Candy Addict’s first post about this phenomenon dates back to October of 2005. In Internet historical reckoning, that’s around the same time as the extinction of the dinosaurs. Even the Mythbusters got into the act, exploring the scientific principles that govern the geyser.

Now ThinkGeek, the Web’s premier destination for all things nerdy, is selling a special kit which will let backyard Mythbusters conduct experiments of their own. For $19.99, the Great Geysers Kit includes a specially-designed quick-release tube, allowing folks to add Mentos down the neck of the bottle without having to flee for their lives afterwards. It even comes with two tubes of Mentos, so the only thing you need to provide is the two liter bottle of soda. Result: Fun and sticky science!

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