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Happy Halloween from Candy Addict!

All of us here at Candy Addict want to wish you a very happy Halloween! Some people have Christmas, some may love Valentine’s Day, but for us, it’s Halloween all the way. What could be better for a Candy Addict than a day dedicated to free candy? Well, maybe one dedicated to free candy for […]

Candy Review: Pop Rocks Chocolate Bar

Last year, I reviewed the Limited Edition Chocolate Pop Rocks and while quite tasty, my biggest complaint was the lack of candy in that small Pop Rocks envelope. Pop Rocks has decided to solve that problem by releasing a 2.33 oz “Mega Bar” of milk chocolate with Pop Rocks mixed in. It comes in two […]

Arrr, Matey: Beware the Candy Pirates

Every kid knows that a stellar costume is a ticket to a few extra pieces from appreciative candy givers. In my neighborhood, anyway, the kids who put a bit of effort into their Halloween gear (even if it was putting a sheet over their head, drawing a squiggly ink mark across the front, and explaining, […]

DIY Halloween Candy Bars

Everything tastes better home-made, right? This is true of almost everything, but it is especially true when it comes to treats. Cookies straight out of the oven are infinitely more pleasing than the ones straight out of the factory. Foodie website understands this concept perfectly, and they’ve put together a small collection of recipes […]

Candy Review: Black and Red Licorice Laces

Once again, it’s time for our monthly Licorice of the Month Club reviews. This time, the good folks over at Licorice International sent out some black licorice pipes which I’ve already reviewed (that didn’t stop me from loving them – again) and some red and black licorice laces. I have to admit that I wasn’t […]