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Bag of Boogers Begins Crazy Candy Collection

Meet Rich, likely the only man whose initial item of a more than 300-piece collection was a bag of boogers. Don’t fret, though – these were no ordinary boogers. Rich is an avid collector of every bit of gross candy he can get his hands on, and his bag of candy boogers might be one […]

Candy Addict on the radio – WBAL in Baltimore

I got a call earlier today from a woman from WBAL Radio (Maryland’s News, Talk, Sports Station) in Baltimore. They want to have me on with Dave Durian tomorrow morning! They only have 5 minutes for me from 7:55AM to 8:00AM and they want me to talk about the All Candy Expo. Candy Addict has […]

Candy Addict’s Birthday Candy Giveaway – Coming Soon!

Candy Addict’s two-year anniversary (birthday?) is on October 2 and we are going to give away a bunch of candy and candy-related goods to five lucky winners. I’m not quite ready to start the giveaway (I have to setup the treasure hunt), but it will start soon, so keep your eyes peeled. I have a […]

I ain’t got no sneakers

Despite the title, this is candy-related, just stay with me….. On the last day of the All Candy Expo I have to drop my suitcases off at the bag check at the show since I had to check out of the hotel already. As I pay the $2 per bag for someone who is “Not […]

Candy Review: Sweet Sweet Confections S’mores Bars

So nice they named it twice. That’s not the official word from Sweet Sweet Confections, but it should be! I was really eager to see what this company had to offer because they’re located in San Jose, California, just a stone’s throw (well, maybe a stone’s throw plus another stone’s trebuchet pull) from my home. […]