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Bag of Boogers Begins Crazy Candy Collection

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Gross Candy Collection

Meet Rich, likely the only man whose initial item of a more than 300-piece collection was a bag of boogers.

Don’t fret, though – these were no ordinary boogers. Rich is an avid collector of every bit of gross candy he can get his hands on, and his bag of candy boogers might be one of the least crazy of the bunch. It began with the boogers back in 1980 and has escalated to an impressive assortment of odd candies. His collection even encompasses several of our Top 10 Grossest Candies.

The above photo is merely a portion of Rich’s collection, which fills a glass-front cabinet in his home. To see high-resolution photos of his entire collection, check out his section on the Candy Addict photos page. Soon the collection might move to Rich’s local library, and it may be featured in his local newspaper.

Rich said he has only actually tried about ten percent of his collection.

“Some of the liquid types scare me, like the Barfo line,” he said. And he said the strangest and worst-tasting of the bunch is a candy called Voodoo Magic.

But he does have his favorites of the pieces he tastes.
Sour Flush Candy
“There is nothing like a raspberry Sour Flush on a hot day,” he said. The coolest packaging he’s seen was on a candy called Pick and Chew.

His 8-year-old son picks up the slack on some of the candies Rich hasn’t tried – he said his son loves the lunch-meat flavored bubblegum.

Rich said summer months and October are peak times for him to add to his collection. In the past five or six years, he’s added to his collection by finding crazy candies online.

Though Rich takes care to keep temperatures in his glass-front cabinet cool, accidents do happen.

“I lost a large box of different pieces to the heat one year during a move,” he said. “What a mess.”

Despite the setback, Rich’s collection is still going strong. That is, if Rich can protect his candy from the hunger of a growing 8-year-old boy.

We’ve actually written about or reviewed several pieces found in Rich’s collection, including:

And don’t forget to check out Rich’s gross candy collection photo album showcasing more photos of his gross collection! I think this collection qualifies Rich as a true Candy Addict.

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3 Responses to “Bag of Boogers Begins Crazy Candy Collection”

  1. 1
    Ladytink_534 says:

    I bet he has a problem with ants

  2. 2
    RED8BLK says:

    i have seen rich’s display…it is truly a candy addict’s dream collection. my teeth hurt just looking at it. very cool and unique display.

    his sister-in-law,

  3. 3
    Irene says:

    I have a skittle that looks like a diamond on the bottom and is round on the top like a ladybug. Plus it is red.

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