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Candy Review: Sweet Sweet Confections S’mores Bars

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Smores Bars

So nice they named it twice. That’s not the official word from Sweet Sweet Confections, but it should be! I was really eager to see what this company had to offer because they’re located in San Jose, California, just a stone’s throw (well, maybe a stone’s throw plus another stone’s trebuchet pull) from my home. It’s great to see a local company featured on Candy Addict, so I was hoping that Sweet Sweet Confections wouldn’t disappoint.

The Smores Bars are billed on the website as “Our signature graham crackers topped with a delicious marshmallow and hand dipped in luscious milk chocolate.” They don’t spare any expense in creating this treat. All the components are handmade, and it definitely tastes that way.

The graham cracker had this great, fresh-baked quality that I found wonderfully surprising. It’s not crisp like the store-bought ones; it’s fairly chewy, almost cookie-like in consistency. I found this strange at first, but then I realized how well this chewiness melded with the marshmallow. The milk chocolate coating had a nice snap when I bit into it which really complemented the softness of the cracker and the marshmallow.

Smores Bars PackageWhat really impressed me, however, was the ingredients list on the back of the package. For example, here’s what their marshmallows are made of:

Sugar, water, gelatin, vanilla extract, salt.

That’s it. How can something so simple turn out so wonderful? I guess it goes back to the simple pleasure of a S’more itself: chocolate, graham cracker, marshmallow. Easy to pack, easy to make, extremely easy to eat. Maybe the simple things are the best after all. And I didn’t even miss the melted gooeyness that’s usually one of the highlights of eating S’mores fresh from an open fire.

Smores Bars are a neat gourmet take on a campfire classic, and if you’re a fan of the real thing, you really should give these offerings a try. My only qualm with these is the packaging. Alas, they only come three to a bag, and those three left me wanting so much s’more.

Editor’s note: I received some of these too and they are indeed delicious. My favorite part is that they aren’t too sweet. The chocolate doesn’t overpower the marshmallow or graham cracker and the resulting combination is close to perfect.

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    Gracie says:

    I am soo craving this right now!

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