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Candy Circuitry

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Candy Circuitry

I’d come up with some excuse you could use – you have a techie boyfriend, or your mom is really into circuitry, or you want to create a dessert that expresses your true inner geekiness – but you really don’t need a reason. Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories, the evil geniuses behind the CandyFab 4000 3D Candy Printer, have come up with an incredibly detailed set of step-by-step instructions so that you, too, can be a master of edible circuitry.

These folks are serious about the task. They suggest you start with a graham cracker, and then they list all available toppings you can use: licorice wheels for red and black wires, Life Savers for resistors, and marshmallows for battery cells.

Who needs a gingerbread house when you can have a graham cracker/candy circuit board?

licorice, graham, marshmallow

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One Response to “Candy Circuitry”

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    Julie Nicolay says:

    How fun! I love playing with food and making all sorts of artistic creations (I’m an avid gingerbread house creator, and they’re never your “usual” house). I went to their website and boy, they really do get into their candy to make circuitry with. It was a fun visit, so thanks for the story and link! What a fun way to procrastinate my packing during this move I’m making…

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