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All Candy Expo – Random Brain Dump

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Some miscellaneous thoughts not worthy of their own post…..

Nothing else like it….
I thought it was funny was when a company would say things like “there’s nothing else like this” or “this product is unique,” etc. when I saw something just like it a few rows over at the show. I understand, their flavors may be different, or their packaging, or ingredients, or whatever, but come on.

Non U.S. Companies
I thought it was interesting to see how many foreign candy companies were at the show trying to get their product(s) into the U.S. market. I talked to quite a few of them – there were a few from Turkey, one from the Ukraine, and quite a few from Asian countries. I wasn’t sure how much focus we should give to them, but I know we have plenty of readers in foreign countries (judging by the number of emails I get when we have contests and giveaways that are only open to U.S. readers). I’ll probably do a separate article on the foreign candy companies.

We got candy….
My strategy for packing went something like this… three days’ worth of clothes, and lots of storage for candy samples. We have a luggage set with multiple sized bags so I packed the medium bag with clothes and put that bag INSIDE the empty large suitcase. On the way back, I figured I’d put the dirty clothes into the big suitcase and pack the candy in the small suitcase. Turns out I had so much candy I had to put it all in the large suitcase. When I got to the airport and they weighed the bag it weighed 52 lbs – 2 lbs over the weight limit. So I had to take 2 lbs of candy and transfer it to the small suitcase. So, assuming the empty large suitcase weighs maybe 3-4 lbs(?), I came back with about 48 lbs of candy.

When I get home, I’m going to separate it out, box it up, and send it out to all of the Candy Addict staff writers so they can write about and review the candy. So look for lots of info and reviews of new candy in the weeks to come. Once I do that, any extra candy (duplicates) I have will be given out to you readers in our “Like a Kid at the All Candy Expo” giveaway coming soon. I also got a few extra show schwag items (pens, lanyards, etc.) and will give those out in the giveaway too. The two-year anniversary (birthday) of Candy Addict is coming soon too (October 2nd) so I may do a giveaway for that separately or roll it into one – not sure yet.

I’m a dummy
For the plane ride home, I threw a couple snacks I got at the show (new Combos, some beef jerky, CornNuts, etc.) into my carry on and once we took off I realized what I forgot – gum. Of all the gum samples I got at the show, I didn’t bring one single stick, cube, ball, or chiclet of gum to combat the ear-popping of the flight.

Candy Addict T-shirts
On the last day at the show, we wore our brand-spanking new Candy Addict t-shirts. They are awesome. Once I get settled back in, get caught up from the Expo, and figure out what it costs to ship a t-shirt, I’ll have them for sale here on the site. I should have about 35 or so to sell, so consider them “limited edition.” As I said before, I’m going to sell them at just a tiny bit over cost – I’m not out to make a profit on them.

Name Recognition
I was absolutely floored by how many people had heard of Candy Addict and said they read the site regularly. Looking at the site stats, I know people are reading the site, but I rarely get to meet people who read the site (not counting friends and family). So many people had wonderful things to say about the site too. I was talking to a woman from Wrigley’s outside the show and she said she reads the site and in my meeting with one of the Mars Vice presidents, he raved about the site and he said a few things that told me he truly had visited the site (and he said he reads it regularly). Amazing. Simply amazing.

I still have a bunch of pictures to post – I’ll get those up ASAP.

The All Candy Expo rocks!
You know, some might laugh at my descriptions of the show, the things I noticed and wrote about, and my awe at the whole thing but honestly, I’m just a guy who likes candy. When I first started this site, I didn’t even know the All Candy Expo existed. I think if I am ever NOT in awe of the All Candy Expo, I should lose my title as a “Candy Addict.” That won’t happen though. Never.

Still more All Candy Expo coverage to come from me, Sera, and Bonnie….

All Candy Expo

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5 Responses to “All Candy Expo – Random Brain Dump”

  1. 1
    Robert says:

    Makes me wish I was still a staff writer for your site! Too bad my “real job” got in the way. All of those pictures made that place look like paradise, and I am sure I would have had 50+ punds of candy too. *sigh* *double sigh* *triple sigh*…

  2. 2
    Shingo says:

    >…I packed the medium bag with clothes and put that bag
    > INSIDE the empty large suitcase

    Heh…unintentional Mr. Bean moment?

  3. 3
    janelle says:

    Blogs like yours are the reason my kids always have the best treats in their lunch. I get an adrenaline rush myself just reading about the stuff. :) Not sure I should admit that. Anyway, thanks for all your hard work!

    Long time lurker,


  4. 4
    Patti says:

    I totally understand your suitcase dilemma! When I went to the Expo a couple of years ago, I actually threw out a pair of shoes and some clothes to make room in my suitcase for all the candy. You’ve gotta have priorities!

  5. 5
    johann says:

    i have been wanting to go to the candy expo i am sure it is like a little piece of heaven on earth. can you email me with some info – like how much tickets usually are and it is open to anyone right? love how you came back with sooo much candy love your site – God Bless

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