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All Candy Expo Day 1 – Brian

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Wow – day one of the All Candy Expo is over and that was the most fun I have had in a long time. It was simply crazy. The place was HUGE – every candy company I have ever heard of (and tons that I hadn’t) were there. Amazing. We’ll be writing about and reviewing candy from the show for months to come (literally).

Some random thoughts from the show:

  • Chewy Fireballs – As you know, I absolutely love Fireballs, and Ferrara Pan has just released Chewy Fireballs. OMG. Think of sour cherry balls, but Fireball-flavored. Awesome. Review to come. They also now have “Chewy Lemonhead and Friends” with lemon, grape, cherry, and green apple. Review to come.
  • Soda Pop Top – great invention. Remove the top from your soda or water and screw on the Soda Pop Top instead. It’s a top, with a short straw through it. On the top of the straw is a lollipop with the top of the straw exposed. So you suck on the lollipop and drink your drink and the lollipop flavors the drink. Very cool idea. Review to come.
  • Crunchy Gummies from the Albanese Candy Company – these have been around for a while but I just tried them at the show. Wow – they’re good. They’re gummies coated with little nonpareil balls. Great texture and super-tasty.
  • Two different companies (Felfoldi’s is one) have milk flavorings in a straw – very interesting concept. The flavor stays in the straw in little flavor balls and you suck the milk through the straw to flavor it. Can’t wait to try them when I get home. Review to come.
  • A company called Squibbles has a neat idea with Gummi Checkers and Gummi Tic Tac Toe. It comes with a foldout playing board and flattened gummies you use as checkers or Tic Tac Toe pieces.
  • Dubble Bubble is bringing back the old Tongue Splashers Gum and calling them Painterz.
  • Werther’s Caramelt is being test-marketed across the US in Walgreen’s. They’re not your typical Werther’s hard candy – they’re soft, like chocolate. Quite tasty – review to come. Werther’s also announced new Werther’s Original Caramel Chocolate and Caramel Chocolate Dark. These two are not typical Werther’s hard candy – they’re football-shaped and have a chocolate caramel swirl. Review to come.
  • Too Tarts has new Melted Ice Cream spray candy in the same size and shape as their other spray candies.
  • I got some Gimbal’s Lavaballs – hot cinnamon chewy candies – yum! Review to come.
  • Jelly Belly has new BeanBoozled Jelly Beans – they are packs of two Jelly Belly flavors that look the same but one is a good flavor. Examples: black – either Licorice or Skunk; mottled orange – Caramel Corn or Moldy Cheese; mottled orange – Peach or Vomit; blue – Berry or Toothpaste; white – Coconut or Baby Wipes, etc. I tried all of them – Skunk is NASTY – it tastes like what I would imagine poop to taste like. Moldy Cheese was the only one I had to spit out. So much fun! These come out in January of 2008.
  • Grillz – lollipop on one side, lips with blinged-out teeth on the other side. Review to come.
  • Candy Matches from Felfoldi- who wants to eat matches? I don’t get it.

I never thought I would be so glad to eat a hot dog. By lunch time I needed some real food and was candied out. I never thought that would happen. We took a bunch of pictures and are working on getting them online once we get some bandwidth (see below).

Unfortunately, our hotel does not have internet access (but is supposed to) so I have to write this in the room then upload it to the site from the show in the morning. Not fun. Oh – and they only had two hangers for us. Definitely not a 5-star hotel, but it’s clean and close to the show.

More to come……

All Candy Expo

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8 Responses to “All Candy Expo Day 1 – Brian”

  1. 1
    Ewqq says:

    The soda pop stop…I would of never thought there were new ways to drink soda.

  2. 2
    Jamie says:

    Werther’s Caramelt?!?! I am SO jealous right now!!!

  3. 3
    Ani says:

    More please! I am evious. :)

  4. 4
    Elizabeth says:

    I was at the Expo on Day 1 and when you walk in the West Entrance, there is a booth with samples of a candy called Eiffel bonbons. Does anyone else remember buying these from French clubs? Now you can buy them in stores! They are fruity and chewy but if you haven’t tried them, they are hard to describe.

  5. 5
    Rosa says:

    I’ve actually seen the Soda Pop Tops as prizes at Dave & Buster’s for a while now.

    It sounds like a good idea, and it’s well designed, but I didn’t think the lollipop managed to flavor my drink very well.

  6. 6
    Beck says:

    Elizabeth, I REMEMBER Eiffel Bonbons! I have been looking for them for YEARS, but I could never remember what they were called so I never had any luck! Hooray! Now off to Google…

  7. 7
    Chocolicious says:

    ok…so the milk flavoring in a straw is some pretty weird stuff. I tried one brand (can’t remember what..” but it tasted exactly the way it smelled, and didn’t taste like any chocolate I’ve ever had. Basically….it was nasty.

  8. 8
    Chocolicious says:

    oh nevermind; on the last bulletin I posted, the nasty milk flavoring straws are called “Sipahh”

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