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Candy Review: Flic’n'Lic Candy

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Ausome Flic'n'lic Candy

What catches you eye with candy? Is it the colors? The placement on the shelf? The promise of a familiar favorite contained within the wrapper? For me, it’s a bit of everything but I’m also a sucker for the design of a candy. If there’s something clever and unique about its presentation, I’m all over it. That’s what caught my eye about this Flic’n'Lic candy by Au’some Candies when I saw it on the shelf in my local candy store.

It’s hard candy (I prefer to call it a lollipop because of the handle) that has packaging which works as both the container for the candy and as the handle for eating it. The case easily flips open (it’s even slightly curved so it fits comfortably in your hands in both directions) and snaps into position, baring the candy ready for consumption. This is such a great design. How nice to have the opportunity to eat a little now, close the case and then finish your candy later. All without having to worry about saving the wrapper or a sticky mess evolving in your pocket.

I know I’ve rambled enough about the design of the Flic’n'Lic, but how does it taste? Fantastic.

Au’some Candies does magical things with the fruit flavors in the candies that it produces, and these are no exception. According to the display they come in four flavors: strawberry, blueberry, cherry and orange. The website’s graphics show a green apple flavor but I saw no trace of one in the store. Since the cherry and orange flavors were sold out (a good sign?) I bought the strawberry and blueberry. The strawberry was fresh and sweet like a real strawberry. It wasn’t tart at all, but it really got my saliva going, which was very pleasant. The blueberry didn’t taste artificial at all, which is amazing since it’s hard to pull off this flavor. It was zesty and had a strong berry flavor.

I give these two very enthusiastic thumbs up. Not only are they extremely tasty, but the design really adds to the pleasure and convenience of this candy experience.

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