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John Dorian, Chocolate King

As if you needed another reason to love Scrubs, the character of John Dorian, or even just Zach Braff – he loves chocolate. This Scrubs clip embodies the dream job we all wish we could report to daily (well, that is, except for you crazy people who dislike chocolate). The next season of Scrubs starts […]

Candy Review: Headshot Gamer Candy

Want some sustenance for an all-night gaming session, something that’ll deliver a kick of caffeine just as well as your Mountain Dew and Bawls? Uncommon Loot thought so. They recently sent over a few Headshot bars, whose packages boast, “Headshot is a candy made for gamers by gamers. Feeling tired owning all those newbs? There […]

The Electric Company Presents: Candy Candles

For those of you who don’t remember The Electric Company, it was an educational show that ran on PBS from the mid 1970′s through the early 1980′s. The show was designed to teach elementary school children about reading comprehension, which it accomplished through a series of sketches, cartoons, and musical numbers. This particular clip was […]

Candy Review: Chuao Chocolatier’s ChocoPods

It’s always fun to come home to a big package from FedEx, especially when it’s something you didn’t have to pay for and it contains chocolate treats. This time the sender was Chuao Chocolatier and based solely on their packaging, they appeared to be a fairly upscale brand. As we all know though, packaging is […]

Ring Pops Giveaway Winners

We had exactly 100 entries to our Ring Pops Giveaway and the winners have been selected! Kelly won the best entry with comment #12 and Jared (comment #89) and phillygirl788 (comment #20) won the random drawings. Congratulations to all of our winners!