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Mood Swing Sweets: The PMS Support Bar

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PMS Support

In what might be the answer to every prayer ever muttered in a Cathy comic strip, Jamieson Laboratories recently unveiled the PMS Support bar, a chocolatear that the company claims can lessen the severity of PMS. For $19.99, the emotional buyer receives 15 small (think fun-sized) chocolate bars – a five day supply, as the company suggests chewing “one chocolate bar three times daily for up to five days or as directed by their health care practitioner.”

The 70-calorie bars are comprised of a chocolate-soy crisp mix and several herbal extracts, the medicinal properties of which have been proven to be effective in treating the major physical and mental symptoms of PMS – irritability, bloating, and depression.

Now, I’m all for candy bars, and I’m certainly not all for PMS, but I’m not sure that chewing fifteen candy bars in five days is really going to make me feel that much better, even if they do include the soothing herbal effects of white willow bark, artichoke leaf, and chasteberry. I’d rather not associate the awesomeness of candy bars with the one craptacular week of every month, thank you very much.

Still, there is solid proof of chocolate’s mood-enhancing properties, and I’m sure that some women will love the PMS Support concept. It may not be the candy bar for me, but it’s nice to know that the option is out there for other women.

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4 Responses to “Mood Swing Sweets: The PMS Support Bar”

  1. 1
    Breanna says:

    Twenty bucks for teeny herbal chocolates puts me in a very, very bad mood!

  2. 2
    julie nicolay says:

    $20 for a bag of tiny chocolate bars?! Shoot, I’d rather spend $2.95 on a bag of mini Hersheys (Variety! Flavor! Differently colored wrappers!) and drink some Women’s Liberty tea (has those herbal things we need when we’re PMSing like Dong Quai and anise, etc.). But hey, I’m sure there are actually women out there who are “buying” the marketing hype and dropping their Jeffersons on a bag. Not me…though of COURSE I’d be happy to sample any freebies!

  3. 3
    MsRebecca says:

    Hey, PMS is nothing that some Godiva chocolate and an entire bottle of wine can’t cure, all for under $20 bucks~

  4. 4
    All Seasons Health says:

    $20 is fine if they do work – does anyone know?

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