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Candy Review: Black and Red Licorice Piglets

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Black and Red Licorice Piglets

My life continues to have meaning. Recently, I experienced the pain of realizing my subscription to the Licorice of the Month Club was about to run out. Luckily, the good folks over at Licorice International offered to enroll me in their Candy of the Month Club, which I gladly accepted.

This month, I got to try out Black and Red Licorice Piglets. They are identical in shape and size, but obviously differ in color and flavor. In terms of texture, they are both relatively firm, which makes the hard edges a little uncomfortable to eat.

The flavor of the black was nothing extraordinary. The licorice was very mild and slightly sweet, but the effort to chew the somewhat firm candy didn’t really make it worthwhile.

The red was very similar and reminded me a lot of Twizzlers. For the record, that isn’t a good thing. The flavor was that typical “red” with no identifiable fruit basis.

In general, I didn’t love these. With an overly firm, jagged texture, the effort to eat wasn’t rewarded by a fantastic flavor. I wouldn’t throw them into the ocean if I were stranded on a desert isle, but I also won’t be going out of my way to stock up, either.

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