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Candy Review: Limited Edition Razzberry M&M’s

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Razzberry M&Ms

If Sno-Caps were called Small Chocolate Circles with Smaller Candy Circles Atop Said Small Chocolate Circles, they might not sell as well. The point here is this: sometimes the outside of the bag is just as important as the inside.

What I really don’t dig about Limited Edition Razzberry M&M’s is the word “Razzberry.” I’m not sure who these candies are being marketed to, but when I see raspberry spelled with two z’s, I immediately think of Blue RazzBerry Blow Pops and the summer that my father, normally an “I’ll have milk” person, was hooked on Berry Blue Kool-Aid. That type of “razzberry” flavor is usually super sour and unnatural tasting, and the thought of combining said flavor with milk chocolate didn’t get me too excited about trying Razzberry M&M’s.

For some reason, the package asks us to “Get Razzed!”; a bizarre request since “getting razzed” usually means getting teased relentlessly for doing something embarrassing. Being “razzed” is not normally an enjoyable experience.

After I got over my packaging issues, I ripped open the bag and poured the newfangled M’s into my hand. I was surprised at the sight of these strange, salmony/raspberryish-colored sweets: the sizing is quite different from regular M&M’s, resembling Peanut M&M’s that have had the peanuts extracted. The larger size also means fewer candies per bag, which is sort of a bummer.

The Razzberry taste wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, though. In fact, it was very subtle; it’s a slight “real” berry flavor that faded under the overwhelming and familiar taste of the milk chocolate. The berry flavor was closer to raspberry yogurt than Blue Razzberry Blow Pops, which was a nice surprise, but after a few M&M’s, I could barely taste the Razzberry at all. I found that it was easier to pick up the Razzberry taste by eating one M&M at a time, but seriously, who does that?

Overall, Razzberry M&M’s aren’t terrible, but they aren’t particularly memorable, either. There really isn’t anything that truly sets them apart from the good old Milk Chocolate variety, with the exception of a weird pinkish shell and a subtle raspberry taste.

These Limited Edition M&M’s will only be in stores for six weeks, so get them while you can. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Be honest. I promise I won’t razz you.

Editor’s note: I tried them too and thought they were very good – the raspberry taste was subtle, but just right, in my opinion. I liked them a lot. If you like the taste of raspberry and chocolate, I think you’ll like them. Let us know what you think!

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10 Responses to “Candy Review: Limited Edition Razzberry M&M’s”

  1. 1
    Julie Nicolay says:

    It took me a little while, but I finally found ‘em and promptly bought a bag. I opened them in the car since I couldn’t wait (and with my car having no a/c here in Arizona where it’s still over 100 degrees, actually sitting in the car is not something I do, so you know I was INTO tasting these babies!). Well, they were very good.

    I liked them and given that I’m a Godiva raspberry lover, this was a good thing as these are far easier to find and much cheaper (though I’ll never pass up a Godiva Raspberry in either milk or dark chocolate…EVER)! Not an amazingly fabulous candy, as I agree that the berry flavor kind of peters out after a few candies, but I do like them enough to buy them again and enjoy them.

    And though I’m sure SOMEONE out there eats M&Ms one at time, I just don’t know how that could be possible! (That sentence made me laugh out loud)!

  2. 2
    g says:

    I quite enjoyed these. But not quite as much as some strawberry Smarties (the chocolate kind) I had several years ago. I think it was a limited time thing where the red ones were flavored. The flavor in the shell of those was more pronounced I think. But in general I love raspberry and chocolate, so I’ll keep eating these.

    Also, I totally miss berry blue kool aid. I haven’t seen the packets for it in years though. Very sad.

  3. 3
    Tyler says:

    I want to try these Razzberry M&M’s so bad but can’t find them anywhere! What stores are folks able to find them in?

  4. 4
    Amber says:


    I found packs of them at my local Sunoco gas station (2/$1!). I think you can also get them at Walgreens.

  5. 5
    Tyler says:

    Thanks, Amber! I will try my local Sunoco to see if I can find them! We don’t have Walgreens where I live but I’m so surprised that Target, Sam’s Club, ShopRite and other major grocery stores don’t have them. Thanks again for the info!

  6. 6
    Barbara Barton says:

    Why do only market Baskets get these candys?

  7. 7
    Thorndike says:

    I found large size bags at CVS drugstore. I think they are good, and they are growing on me as I eat them!

  8. 8
    Janet says:

    I tried the new Razzberry M&M”S & instantly fell in love with the new flavor. My sister was with me & we went back for several small bags, but they only had one left.
    It has now been 3 weeks & I found them at another store & had to stock up. Thank you for the great new flavor. It is smooth & memorable. Please create a greater availability. YUMMY !!

  9. 9
    Mudfish says:

    I just “discovered” razzberry mms at the gas station. I’m not a candy addict whatsoever but do like an occassional bag of mms. I thought they were good and I also think if the raspberry flavor were any stronger they would be gross. It’s hard to make a “genuine” raspberry flavored candy and since this is subtle it’s good. I am kinda sad to hear that they’ll only be around for 6 weeks. Cause I think I’d go for these a little more than I do the plain which I do love….

  10. 10
    Tina says:

    I love the Razzberry m&m’s but I am unable to find them anymore. The only place that I ever found them was Wal-Mart and they no longer carry them saying that they were a limited edition item.

    I will buy 2-3 cases of them if I knew where to purchase them. I went to the m&m’s website but they do not have a link for email to the company.


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