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Retro Candy Flashback: Whistle Pops

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Whistle Pops package
Giving a child something that makes noise is usually something you regret later, whether it is a toy, musical instrument or candy. Have you ever heard an energetic toddler with a toy drum? Ten minutes later, that little drummer boy is no longer as cute. Whistle pops are no exception to this rule, as my parents would come to find out.

Every day when he came home from work, my father would bring a new candy for my younger brother and me to sample. One day, the candy of choice was whistle pops. My brother and I were awestruck. A toy and candy in one! Our young minds could not fathom the creative genius that could have made such an item. It quickly became one of our favorites.

To me, the whistle pop resembled a long jolly rancher. It did not have the tart/sour zing of those candies. Instead, it tasted much more mild and sweet. Whistle pops came in a variety of flavors. I remember having cherry, watermelon and blue raspberry, all of which I enjoyed.

whistle pops Not only did whistle pops taste good, they were also fun to play with. My brother and I would try to out-whistle each other, pulling on the little slider to make the loudest, most high-pitched whistle our little lungs could muster. We never seemed to tire of our whistle competitions. Too late our parents realized what an annoyance these candies would prove to be to them. We were hooked on whistle pops and we would accept no substitutes.

There was one problem with whistle pops. If you licked them too much, you affected their whistling capabilities. It was a real struggle to decide which you wanted more: a delicious lollipop or a whistle that you could use to out-whistle your little brother. Usually my love of candy got the better of me and I devoured the whole thing. But not before I got in a few good whistles.

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8 Responses to “Retro Candy Flashback: Whistle Pops”

  1. 1
    Amber says:

    I *loved* whistle pops! Do they still come with the little song sheets?

  2. 2
    Jamie says:

    Ah, the whistle vs. candy dilemma. The whistle always lost, in my case. But it was fun while it lasted!

  3. 3
    Julie Nicolay says:

    My problem with Whistle Pops was that I wanted to make a whole lot more notes on them and got tired of the limited musical capabilities! But even though the Whistle Pops didn’t give me the musical “oomph” I wanted, they sure did taste good! (However, I have to admit that I tended to choose the Charms Pops over the Whistle Pops, when available, for their size and therefore, my perceived “better deal for my quarter”)

  4. 4
    Ladytink_534 says:

    I loved those things but I always ended up cutting my tongue on them.

  5. 5
    Peter says:

    Yay, those things are so much fun. My favorite is the watermelon. Has anybody seen the little life-saver shaped/sized candies that you can whistle through? I’ve seen them around an Asian market and those things are neat too, though not as tasty.

  6. 6
    cds says:

    loved those whistle pops! the whistle lasted as long as the candy shell on a tootsie pop. i’m a true hedonist at heart!

  7. 7
    Anusha says:

    I LOVED Whistle Pops! I even found a rather aged one in an old purse that I somehow forgot to eat. I had to chuck that one, what with the lint and all, but I’ve been hankering after a new one ever since. Somehow they also remind me of ring pops — probably the Jolly Rancher-esque flavor plus the multipurpose function. All you have to do is review Blow-Pops (or their stickless cousins, Gumdingers), and you’ll have covered the trifecta of my non-chocolate youthful candy loves. Well those and the gum that came in the mini-orange juice cartons.

  8. 8
    Harry Potter says:

    blow pops are sooooo fun.

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