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Like Casting Candy Before Swine

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Trail Mix

The rising price of corn has hit some farmers hard, so they need to get more creative with animal feed. Farmers like Albert Smith, from Sampson County North Carolina, has started to add trail mix with his pigs’ usual diet of corn meal. He says the pigs are quite fond of their new diet, adding that “they prefer trail mix with M&M’s.” (Who doesn’t, really?)

Now I’m curious about how this pork might taste. Sure the feed is only 5 percent trail mix (and only a part of that trail mix is made up of M&Ms), but chocolate-fed pigs might give rise to something unprecedented in culinary history: chocolate-flavored pork. Can you imagine apple-smoked bacon with a hint of chocolate? Or ham? (If you are interested in the chocolate and bacon combo, try chocolate-covered bacon or Pork Chocs).

Homer Simpson once dubbed the pig “a magical animal.” Amen, Homer. Amen.

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One Response to “Like Casting Candy Before Swine”

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    sarah says:

    Vosages, a chocolate company, also makes a chocolate bar with small bits of bacon in it. It sounds weird, but it’s pretty darn good. The tiny crispy bits of bacon add a bit of saltiness and crunch, and a smoky flavor.

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