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Candy Review: Katjes Euros and Gerrits Extreme Ice Gum

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Gerrit's Extreme Ice Gum
As many of you know, for the past year I’ve been reviewing the offerings from Licorice International’s Licorice of the Month club. Well, this month marks my final shipment of monthly goodies. Let’s all pause for a moment of silence. But, there’s a light on the horizon! Soon I’ll be starting their Black and Red monthly club. I still have a reason to live!

This month we received Gerrit’s Extreme Ice sugar free black licorice gum and Euro Lakritz by Katjes.

I tried the gum first, but was less than impressed. Unlike the XyliChew gum I recently reviewed, which had a very light licorice flavor and was actually pretty good, this selection was downright gross. Not only was the flavor too strong, but it didn’t taste anything like licorice. Instead, it brought back bad memories of disgusting cough drops forced upon me as a young child; I ended up spitting it out.

Katjes EurosHappily, I was able to replace the gross gum flavor with the nice flavor of Katjes Euros. These half dollar size licorice coins are each imprinted on one side with a design taken from the Euro currency. The flavor is fairly strong and somewhat sweet, while the texture is somewhat hard. In fact, I would probably prefer something a bit softer, but overall it wasn’t bad. I’m happy to report that my Licorice of the Month club experience ended on a sweet note!

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One Response to “Candy Review: Katjes Euros and Gerrits Extreme Ice Gum”

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    Ace says:

    $178 seems like a lot to pay for licorice, but I suppose love knows no boundaries. By the way, that gum’s packaging is trying way too hard. Methinks it’s the classic case of overcompensation.

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