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DANGER: Starburst Makes You Lame

(image from WARNING! DANGER! Beware, Candy Addicts, there could be a sinister death-trap lurking in your pockets or purses, lying in wait of the opportunity to attack. It could rob you of your dignity, the use of your jaw, and apparently, all sense of reason. Yes, friends, I am talking about Starburst. Thank Goodness […]

Classic Candy Review: Goobers

Goobers are a pretty simple candy: roasted peanuts covered in milk chocolate. The peanuts/chocolate combo is one of my personal favorites, and a fairly standard ingredient mix in the wonderful world of candy. Goobers sets itself apart from the rest of the peanut/chocolate candies by removing all other ingredients: there is no nougat, no caramel, […]

Melbourne’s Chocoholic Tours

One of the better parts of living in a country (Australia) with the highest chocolate consumption in the world (per capita) is that every day a new boutique chocolate company sprouts up. In Melbourne we are lucky enough to be home to several of these, which means a walk through the center of the City […]

Godiva: A Chocolate Experience

Early on I learned the difference between really good chocolate, and “other” chocolate. Good chocolate came in nice packaging, was served to you over a high glass counter by a woman wearing white gloves and a fancy uniform, and just one piece cost more than 2 or 3 of the candy bars you might eat […]

The Incredible Hulk Candy List

(image from Incredible Hulk Fan Site) As an avid theme-related candy collector, it made perfect sense to me that a Hulk fan would maintain a list of all the Hulk food and candy he could find. The Hulk is such good fodder for candy products, given that he is bright green, and nowadays green is […]