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Candy Review: Chocolate from LØVE Chocolate

I always like to review candies from “the little guy” and this chocolate comes from LØVE Chocolate (LØVE is the Danish word for lion, FYI), a small chocolatier based right here in NC. I got an email from Leslie, the Executive Chef and Owner asking if I’d like to give their chocolates a try. Of […]

Take a Gamble on Trump’s Candy Store

No longer content with his attempts at domination in the spheres of real estate, steaks, men’s clothing, reality television, and follicular architecture, Donald Trump has decided to branch out into the world of candy. That’s right, boys and girls. Trump has opened a candy store. Named simply Candy, the new store is part of Trump […]

Candy Review: Fresh From The Factory Payday

Before this past Saturday, a conversation about Payday candy bars might have gone something like this: Some Nosey Person (aka SNP): Yo, Brian! Do you like Payday candy bars? Me: Yep. SNP: When was the last time you had one? Me: I have no idea. It’s been a LONG time. Thinking about it, I can’t […]

Name That Easter Candy: Naked jellybeans, German taffy, and squished Kisses

Every week we do a Name That Candy post where we post descriptions of long-lost candy sent in by readers and you get to see if you can help figure out what candy it is. This one comes from a reader named Rachel: They were these jelly beans that lacked the outer coating that a […]

I Scream for Candy Ice Cream!

We’ve seen candy in all sort of candy recipes here on Candy Addict: cakes, cookies, brownies, cocktails, etc. One thing we’ve yet to mention so far? Candy in ice cream! Whoever thought of this winning combination must be some sort of genius. The combination of the cool, smooth, creamy ice cream compliments the thick, chewy […]